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Arm us with the five smooth stones so we can slay the Goliath lies of MSM

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We at the Ghion Journal believe that there is an alternative to the incestuous relationship between media and corporations.  Instead of accepting corporate contributions and being powered by ad revenues, we disavow both as we put our faith that a publication by the people, for the people and of the people can not only thrive but also encourage other media sites to walk away from corporate extortion. Our aim is audacious, we want to reclaim media from the six people who own 95% of it and deliver it back to the public. 

Please keep in mind that the Ghion Journal is not a non-profit organization, we are a collective of writers who are funded by individuals who appreciate our articles and find our analysis useful. 



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Thomas Meads, MD | $150

Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Above all for your honesty. Best wishes and prayers for your success.


Johanna | $25

We are on a Fixed income I wish I could do more You are one Powerful Journalist and we need more like you SIR!!!!!

Deb | $7

Thank you for giving voice to the oppressed. Much love.

Jayson Kaufman | $20

Thank You for the encouragement.

Anonymous | $100

Yahusha is the son of El Elyon! God bless you brother!

John | $20

Thanks for what you do.


Finally someone who is alerting us as to what is really going on.

Nora | $50

Thank you for your work. Special thanks to Teodrose’s for his incredible voice.

Rod | $500

I don't like censorship. Support from Beyond The News.

Tiguist | $100


Now more than ever writers giving us the truth are indispensable. Help support this great work.

William Williams | $5/M


Lannie | $50

Mark | $5/M

Dale Strough | $20

Jeanne | $10

Awesome commentary, as always.

Judith Tharp | $100

These articles and commentaries make more sense than any I've seen yet. I'm over 80 years old and finally becoming politically aware. Only regret is that took 8 decades. Keep it up, and thank you.

Rhone Fraser

I am giving for the first time after reading Teodrose’s AMAZING article “Why I’m Not Defending Representative Ilhan Omar Anymore.” This article proves that she is following the oath that she swore to, that pledges loyalty to AIPAC and the U.S. oligarchy that controls the Democratic Party, rather than the actual American people. Ms. Omar is doing her job as an employee of the Democratic Party.

Vince Cushite

Excellent writing, excellent commentary!

Susan Mortimer | $20

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wish this small contribution could be more, but please know how your powerful words are appreciated.

Bernadette Evangelist | $25

Found your impressive Titanic column and saw you were having Jimmy Dore on show which I watched last night. Glad I found you. Good luck.

Keith Hemstreet | $50

I enjoy your style, and I appreciate that Ghion Journal is the opposite of the formulaic drone oozing from every television.


The overwhelming truths from a real journalist. Fikre is the Ethiopian descendant of “the greatest King of Ethiopia” Atse Teodrose II. His writing was used in President Obama's acceptance speech. He has also seen homelessness and strife. He now uses his pen as his sword to break through the firewall of mainstream media propaganda. If you want real news and commentary subscribe to Teddy Fikre on Facebook, Twitter, and especially directly on his website.

Steven | $25

Wes | $30

Keep up the good work, Teo. When I can donate...here and there...I will. Thoughtful, independent journalism is essential to the survival of our Republic. Your voice is legit and adds substantial value. Keep up the good work!

Robert Kevess | $10/M

Love your articles. Thanks for your great work!

Caren Braider | $5/M

You are certainly as worthy as Wikipedia. Thank you for your efforts, we need you now more than ever.

Martha Christian | $25

Just read your article on Cynthia McKinney. I appreciate the clarity of your commentary. And the insights, wisdom, of your analysis. Thank you!

Kimberly | $20

Thank you for sharing your incredible wisdom. I hope to contribute more in the future. Keep doing this amazing work!