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We are all experiencing difficult times right now and the EAI staff and Trustees want to continue to support the EA fellowship as much as we can. We are encouraging meetings that can no longer meet in a physical location to move to a remote or virtual way of meeting. Remote and virtual meetings can be held by conference call, Zoom, Skype, Chat, etc. - or simply by calling one another during this time. We are fortunate to have so many options! If you can continue to support EAI by making a contribution at this time, please do so - every nonprofit organization and for-profit businesses as well! - needs to rally together right now. If you can not make a contribution, please keep all EA members in your thoughts as we all seek serenity and call on our own Higher Power to help us through.

The 7th Tradition tells us that EA groups are fully self-supporting. This means that groups pay rent to meet in their locations, purchase materials for member use, and support the Emotions Anonymous International office through both group and individual donations. The EAI office manages the operations that keep EA vibrant - communicating with members, publishing new literature, making materials available to members, helping to form new groups, and running the day-to-day management of a nonprofit organization.

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Your support allows us to continue to organize the efforts behind the groups and to keep EA as a whole working. Thank you for your generous support!

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