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Emergency medical funds needed for a cocker spaniel that has been hit by a car and has a fractured leg!    He was picked up by animal control and brought to the North Central Los Angeles animal shelter on August 8th.   

Because he is still on a five day stray hold to give his owners a reasonable amount of time to claim him, he is not legally available for Camp Cocker to save until August 13th.   

We really wanted to get this boy hospitalized and started on some strong pain medication, so we signed a "Good Samaritan agreement" with the shelter.   It states that we understand that we are not the legal owner of this dog until August 13th, but we can pay for him to be hospitalized and get pain management until then.    If his owners don't claim him by the end of the day on August 12th, then first thing on August 13th, we can move forward with his orthopedic surgery that he is going to need. 

No donation is too small to help this little fella that is down on his luck and needs the Camp Cocker village to help him!