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Desiree Flores | $259,92

So much love to you, Lucy, and appreciation for all Luz Media is and does ❤️

Renata Soto | $104,15

Abrazos, Lucy ❤️💝

Marco Davis | $250

Sending you a huge abrazo and positive energy amiga, and cheering on Luz Media!



Dear Lucy & Luz As a high school teacher in NJ my eyes are open for interesting info to present to my students (new immigrants). I am grateful for the perspectives you share, & I am proud to pass them along to our young people to inform & discuss, to reflect Latino cultures, & individual & community successes & challenges; & finally to see & be seen. Best wishes for health & thank you.

Carlos Piña | $500

Rachel O'Leary Carmona | $104,15

Elvira | $26,27

Best of luck Lucy! Wishing you and the Luz team a great journey and sending lots of support and love ✊🏼✨

Revolve Impact | $519,52

Thank you for all that you do for so many in our community!

Laurie Aguinaga | $26,27

Jessica González-Rojas

Lucy!! I am so proud of this incredible platform that you’ve created and am here for you as you navigate this complicated health matter. I love you and thrilled to be part of the Luz Collective familia 💕

Evelyn | $104,15

Sending healing love to Luz!

Vendorzs | $52,23

Fellow Latina Startup Founder here, I can only imagine how tough this must be. We can't let our hard work go to waste. You got this. 🙏

James Pérez Foster | $52,23

Lucy, thinking of you and wishing you nothing but the best of luck with your procedure and a very fast recovery :)



Adelante Partners Inc.

Nuria Wolfe

Neta Collab | $519,52


You got this, amiga!

Alex Niemczewski | $52,23

Camila Alvarado

Tamarindo Podcast | $100


wishing Luz and Lucy all the best

Bryan | $208

Wishing you a fast & full recovery amiga! All love ✊🏽❤️

Spanish Sin Pena | $104,15

Sending lots of healing energy your way. ❤️ En comunidad

Anonymous | $52,23

Lady Loteria

Jeffrey | $104,15

I love you, Lucy! You got this.

ludovic | $200

Happy to help such a kickass woman!!!

Women’s March

We are honored to stand with Luz for all the hard work they do to create space for women of color in the media industry!