I am Albert Juma Congolese, refugee living in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. Born in D.R. Congo Rutshuru district, Ishasha village on 17th of February 1998 into a family of 4 people and I am the second born in our family. I am a second-year student at Victoria University Kampala Uganda pursuing a bachelor of Business Administration focusing on management and Finance. I am the Founder and C.E.O. at Youth Organization for Building African Communities - YOBAC - a community based non-profit organization started in 2016 and provides access to quality education for children from the Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries currently settled in Kyangwali refugee settlement. According to UNHCR Uganda, the number of refugees has increased up to 125,039. Of these, 81% are women and children and 19% are youth aged between 15-24 years. Only 33% have access to education and the rest do not have the opportunity to join schools. The reason why at YOBAC we thought of starting our privet school to provide solution to the complex issue of lack of access to quality education. Currently we are running a Nursery and Primary School started in early 2022, in the refugee settlement, with 350 children enrolled from kindergarten to primary 5. 18 young people are employed. You can see pictures here of the school over the years here: https://web.facebook.com/Youth-Organization-for-Building-African-Communities-Yobac264316058749686/ref=py_c&_rdc=1&_rdr This project was supported by local partner Organizations and they were supporting us with a stipend of $80 par each caregiver/teacher a month and worked with us for 18 months. Now the contract has ended and unfortunately the proposal was not considered for the next funding cycle due to shifting priorities. So, we are having issues in proving stipends for our 18 employees from July to December 2023, so that they keep providing access to quality education to refugee children in Kyangwali refugee camp. The needed amount in order to maintain the caregivers/teachers is $7,200. This amount will push us until the end of academic year that is December 2023, where we can seek renewed funding. Thank you in advance for all help! Youth Organization for Building African Communities. NOTE: During payment you may see [email protected] mentioned - this is normal and fine: Andreas is helping YOBAC as donation cashier, he is part of our volunteer team - we will eventually get the email changed, but it is too slow a process to get approved in our current emergency." https://yobac.org/

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