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Victoria Robertson

Thank you for empowering!

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Good Job! Great contribution to the genre!

rick larson

I served with women aboard the Hospital Ship Repose in 1968. They deserve recognition.

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I learn so much from your postings and feel a kindred spirit w all of you. Thanks for your efforts to keep up the good work.


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Love what you do!

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What an empowering site! Love the Timna Zuker journey...keep writing.

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Shannon Winakur

Thank you for this inspiring and thoughtful page!

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The information that WYSK provides is not only important but vital in this day and age to reach the younger generation of women who are accustomed to getting their information via social media.

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WYSK is giving voice to formerly unsung HERoes! Thank you for all you do and for letting us play a small part in keeping it going. 👩🏼💪🏻

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Keep up the great work!

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Your content exemplifies the best of Facebook - using social media to educate and inspire. Thank you for your efforts!

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Thank you! Your work is important so for the humanity!

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Love learning about all of the inspirational women in our world!

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Happy birthday

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Making a monthly commitment (though small) because you regularly “make my day.” Thank you, WYSK Happy Birthday!

Suzanne Ford

It is vital for women to celebrate one another and for our daughters to learn of the ones who have paved the way for their future!

Kathleen Stroud

The dedication and leadership with all the hard work by all athletes & fans should become recognized and supported . We all grow as one team, together every step . Development inside every hobby

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Women supporting and championing other women is truly the most wonderful thing in the whole world so please keep doing what you're doing!

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Am always "wowed" by information presented on the site!

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