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Karen Verreault | £10.61

Bless you always! Stay on Instagram so I can be reminded to give!

La Lender | £20.96

Suzanne Larabee | £20.96

Sandrine | £10.61

Maggie we love you from paris #alascaglia #yourdogfriendparisianloulou

Jason | £103.78

A little token of my appreciation for what you're trying to do and your promise to Maggie. I've fed strays in 3rd world countries before. Couldn't help myself and they were so kind and loving. If I could give you more, I would have. I have so much respect for you. You're an inspiration. Stay strong and have a safe trip. Xo

Anonymous | £10.61

Heike Mühlberger | £10.61

With love, give them hope.

Justine Kenny | £10.61

Emily Mason | £10.61

All dogs deserve a happy life. Good luck with the work

Astrid | £20.96


Manmit | £100

Thank you for your work. Please keep going and helping these dogs live the life they deserve. X

Roman | £114.13

Thank you so much for your continuous effort. Love from Germany

Pippa | £20.96

Deborah Menta | £52.02

Thank you for raising awareness and for your never ending compassion

mona schalk | £17

For Maggie, Bella and all the street dogs in Lebanon ❤🐶 Thank you all for your amazing work Love from The Netherlands

Karine Deligny | £20.96

For maggie bella and all poor dogs Karine France

Tara | £10.61

for all the furbabies out there thank you xx


Lauryn | £5.43

Jen Nestor

Nancy Browne | £10.61/M

Madoka | £5.43

Maggie, you’re so wonderful❤️❤️ Thank you for giving me a hope. from Japan

Taylor Wolfe | £10.61

For Maggie- from Harlow in Chicago❤️

Anonymous | £20.96

In honour of Milo

Brandon | £10.61

I hope this helps! keep doing your best! Thank you for all that you do <3

Elijah | £103.78


Anonymous | £10.60

Maggie you are awesome! Love from Slovakia ❤️

Birgitta | £20.95

A small contribution to your great work! 💕