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Winson | £52

Thank you for helping.. And pls continue doing so

Christin | 10 €/M

I randomly found Maggie's profile on instagram and I was so saddened by her story. I am deeply hurt to see what humans are capable of and I don't unterstand how someone can hurt such a wonderful and innocent being. I know it's not much, but I hope it helps a little.

Jill | £10.59/M

I was so moved, so deeply saddened & very distressed by Maggie’s story. I don’t understand how anyone could possibly hurt an animal in this sadistic way. Please lobby the Lebanese government to act.


Thank you 🙏🏼

Miryam | 6,49 €

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤️

Melissa Allan | $21.01

Thank you for all your organization does. ❤️

Carole | £5.41


Brenda Huff | $52.07

Kathryn | £10.59

Thank you for all that you do!! For sweet Bella❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nim Dem Hingmang | £10

Alyssa Antonioli | $13.77

Sending well wishes for a speedy recovery, Bella! <3

Susan Appel | $10.66

God bless Bella’s rescuers, vets and all her caregivers! Prayers for all, especially Bella for a complete recovery! XOXOXO

Christen | $31.37

Jessica Venner | £5.41

You are doing such wonderful work. If you ever need support on the ground, I’ll be there. Much love to you and your rescue pups x

Laura Balm | £5.41

Anne | £10

A small contribution to help you keep on with the amazing work - it hurts my heart that it's even needed but such is the world. A big thank you for all you do kind people. xxxx

Samuel Bhamra | £10.59

Anonymous | £52

For sweet Bella and her (hopefully) smooth recovery

Susie Cowler | £20.94

Thank you for all you do for these beautiful dogs. I wish them the happiest of futures and all the love in that they so rightly deserve. Xx


For Bella ❤️

Ashley F | $7.56

Carly Harris | £10.59

Bella 💗💗 good luck sweet girl u deserve every bit of happiness

Sara | £52

Bella what a sweetie 😍💋

Leslie | $7.56

God bless you.

Patricia Federico | £10.59

Wishing you a fast recovery bella lots of love jet the stumpy and family

Anonymous | £20.94

For Sweet baby Bella ,thank you whf for saving Maggie and your amazing work

Catherine Cameron | £10

For Bella <3

Birgitta | £20.94

To help sweet Bella 💖

Mona | 12,70 €

Good luck ❤️❤️

Jennifer | £26.12

For baby Bella and all the other animals you can save. xo