Donor Wall (49)

Nico Sciasci | £10.60

❤️ Frimm sicily

Emilia | £5.42

Love from Finland ❤️

Laura dalton | £10.60

Absolutely love what your about. I hate animal cruelty in any way. xx

Katie | £10.60

With love and immense respect for your work x

Lior Alshech | £10.60

Thank you for all the you are doing. people like you are making this planet a better place.

Ingrid Katharina Rankl | £52.01

You make the world a better place. Thank you for your work.

Amanda | £20.94

Denise | £52

Naomi Ross | £15.77

I would love to help this wonderful charity but here’s a start x

Emma | £10.59/M

Clem Wilmot | £20.94

My heart is broken seeing these pictures. It’s our duty as caring humans to help these babies.

Izunia | £20.94

I love your page since day one and makes me cry soo much, plan is when i but a property with a bigger garden i will adopt only from you my partner agrees.

Georgie Palmer | £5.41/M

Thank you for opening my eyes. You’re doing fantastic work.

Sandy | £103.76

Thank you for saving these babies. You are angels 👼

Leonie Frasee | £26.12

Harrowing to watch. We need to help these dogs.

Lilly Obermueller | £10.59

Let‘s end this

Sinead Clarke | £20.94

Thank you for everything you do!

Ruby Wright | £20.94

I met Solo last night! It's a great thing you are doing rescuing dogs in Lebanon x

Anonymous | £10.59/M

Anonymous | £5.41

Sonali | £10.57

Thank you for doing what you do <3

Barbara | £10.57

Thank you for caring and helping these animals #bemoremaggie

Silvia Perego | £3

Kirsten Löser | £5.40

Thanks for helping these dogs. I have adopted three strays from Russia, one of them a three-legged dog, and conditions are harsh there, but Lebanon seems to be even worse.

Karen Verreault | £10.57

Thank you for all you do to save these poor animals. God bless you!

Victoria Hardy | £10.57

Diane Smith | £103.54

Aimee | £10.57

Keep up the amazing work, these beautiful rescue babies will be so thankful x

Lauren Wedekin | £5.40

This warms my heart. Please keep doing what you’re doing!

Stephanie | £10.57