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What Your Donation Supports?

Despite the challenges we face today, the mission of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) continues! We need your help to continue by Allah's Mercy! Even in these testing times, our hotline, website, social media and brochures are starting conversations that are resulting in Shahadahs every day. 

By supporting WhyIslam, you are supporting following:

  • Website ranking on Google Page #1
  • Reliable 24x7 dawah hotline
  • Free Quran and Islamic Literature
  • Dawah Ads on Social Media ($10,000 per month)
  • Dawah to Latino with Bi-lingual team (Website & Hotline)
  • Dawah booths in Malls, Street and Book Fairs
  • Street Dawah and Dawah Road Trips
  • New Muslim Support Program

Dawah - Please Do Your Part!

The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Tie your camel first, then put your trust in Allah (SWT)".

Has the Muslim Ummah done its job of conveying "The Truth"? Have we taken all the means available to us? Have we shared the Message of Islam with our fellow Americans?  

Our vision is to reach every household with the Message of Islam!  It is not too late, brothers and sisters. But we have a tremendous task at hand. In addition to demonstrating that Muslims are front and center in reaching out and helping humanity from this dangerous pandemic, we also need to deliver them from the darkness of disbelief and worship of self-desires, to the brightness of faith, and the worship of the One and Only Creator. 

We must deliver the message of Islam in the most appropriate, beautiful and comprehensive manner.

A Success Story - that needs your support to continue

Allah SWT blessed this humble effort called "WhyIslam" with all of the above, and more, alhamdulillah.

1. Website on Google Page#1

We've been longing since the start of this project, for over 20 years, to see this day when you come up on Google Page#1 when someone searches for "Islam". Alhamdulillah! In addition, the website also receives over a million visitors per year. 

2. Reliable 24x7 dawah hotline

The hotline team consists of 20-25 qualified and trained volunteers, and receives over 10,000 calls per year. Our hotline team is regularly groomed and calls are constantly monitored for quality assurance. Check out this video for a sample of how we turn around an angry, cursing, aggressive caller to become someone willing to listen, and even receive a copy of the Holy Quran and re-consider his position.

3. Free Quran and brochures mailed across the continent (free of charge)

WhyIslam has some of the most attractive and well-written dawah brochures in the market. In addition to brochures, we ship out books and other literature as well. Furthermore, dawah teams across the country get their bulk literature from us for their grass-roots dawah work.

4. A powerful social media presence that is effective and compelling (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.)
Intuitive and attractive posts on Instagram, training dawah videos, dialogs with non-Muslims on Youtube, a following of over 500,000 followers on facebook, WhyIslam is positioned to be one of the most active dawah projects in social media, Alhamdulillah.

5. Face-to-face dawah (Mall Dawah Booths, Street Fairs, Book Fairs, Teachers Conventions)

Our team of hardcore dawah workers takes multiple trips across the country, visiting rural towns and interacting with locals, engaging them with in dawah discussions. Click here to see some Shahadahs during one such trip.


6. Hispanic Outreach (Website, Hotline, In-Person)

In the near future, they predict that every 3rd person is going to be a Hispanic American. Besides having a Hispanic hotline as well as  website, WhyIslam has a dedicated dawah team that focuses on full-fledged dawah to Hispanics.

7. A solid revert support infrastructure

The WhyIslam project has a network of nation-wide volunteers who take responsibility of the new Muslim brother or sister after their Shahadah, all the way through learning their new faith, to a point where they become hardcore dawah workers themselves. Check out some of our beautiful revert stories here.

8. Educating the Educators (Connecting with the teachers)

WhyIslam has prioritized the outreach to teachers over other dawah projects. This is because changing the perception of only a teacher has such far-reaching impact that we be surprising. Click here to watch how a music teacher at the NJEA Teachers' Convention is touched by the recitation of the Holy Quran.

9. Marketing - Reaching out to the masses

From billboards on local and major highways, to bus and transit station ads, to Google Adwords and social media marketing, WhyIslam is utilizing every possible resource within its reach to share the beautiful message of Islam. Click here to view media coverage of a few such intiatives.

Are you willing to help support this unique cause?  Please join us.  Donate generously and volunteer!

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 20-2083113. Your donations are tax-deductible and zakat eligible. No goods and services were provided in exchange for this donation.