Donor Wall (34)

Renee | $25

Dancing in my living room! Miss you Devin! xoxo

Sara Hickman | $200

DeeDee Leith | $50

Erin Kostreva | $50

Because I love you, Devin.

Linda/Al Lerner

Always on your side, Devin, for what you support. LL and AL


Thanks you guys for working so hard to support such an important cause. Devin - proud to see you continue to stand tall to serve your community. I no longer live in DFW but watching you guys definitely makes me nostalgic for my hometown. Cheers

Kurt & Tabatha | $10

We love you Devin!!!

Mark Walters | $31

Jason and Gail Short | $100

We love you and your work, Devin!

Chris Owens | $30

Thank you to all of the organizers

Sam House | $40


I love you, Devin! I appreciate you & everyone at WNS for all you do. I wish I could be there to give you back rubs between segments this year. Fingers crossed for next year! Keep fighting! ❤️❤️❤️

Heather French

Keith & Connie Emmen | $100

I'm proud of you, Rob. Love, Mom

Stacy Wall | $10

Much love Dev!

Pamela Dietrich | $20

Emily | $25

Steve | $200

Rosemary F. Frangos | $10

Doing a wonderful job to all of you this is such a beautiful heartfelt cause

Rosemary F.

Thanks for all you all do It is for a wonderful cause. Ryan Cassidy is my son wo is in DELTA RAGE

Kelly Kitchens Wickersham | $300

2 of the most amazing, life-loving Rock Stars - Real Life Heroes!! I love you both, Sondra Beamon and Devin Pike!

Connie Ramsey | $50

My Mom died of pancreatic cancer

Kim Pollock | $200

Martha | $200

Mike Guerrero | $15

For my dad who fought cancer and won, for everyone who's still fighting.


Anything to make sure Devin Pike doesn't have to do another impromptu Uncle Fester cosplay ever again.

Jennifer Northcutt | $50

Jeff Harper

I lost my uncle to cancer this morning. God bless you guys. I really appreciate the work you are doing!

John Leask | $50

Michael | $100