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      The Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County has received the following request to help with an immediate need in the community through our Emergency Response Network (ERN).

      Our partners at Grassroots are requesting a total of $685 in assistance to help two women in need. 

      Grassroots is seeking $285 to help a 33-year-old woman who uses the Grassroots Day Resource Center.  She needs help with a traffic ticket of $150 for driving on suspended tags.  She needs to take care of this before she can reinstate her tags.  She also needs $135 to reinstate the vehicle registration. This woman and her mother are currently living in the car with the suspended tags. A Day Resource Center case worker is trying to get the tags reinstated so the car does not get impounded. The DRC case worker will continue to work with the client for a better solution to their housing crisis once the car situation has been fixed.

      Grassroots is also requesting $400 to assist a 63-year-old single woman with eviction prevention. In July 2019, she was involved in a severe car accident that required surgery and continuous physical therapy. Her car was deemed "totaled." In order to maintain employment she has relied on the use of rental cars which has impacted her finances. This woman plans to replace her vehicle by November. She is in an income based housing unit. Once the eviction is prevented and reliable transportation to her job is secured, she will be able to successfully maintain housing.

      On behalf of our partners at the Grassroots we are asking for $685 from the Emergency Response Network to help these two women in need. Can you lend a hand?