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Grant | $4.20


Wish you guys could get a camera in the offices of Shitadel to add to the doc. Best of luck. 🦍🦍🦍

Marge N. | $1.69

I'm coming soon.

Not Kenny | $4.20

This is the way. HODL!!!


I dgaf what happened to the stock price today, we are not fucking getting off of this rocket until we are on the moon.

Tom | $1.69

MAGA for ever

brian | $25

good idea

Vincent Lucero | $4.20

Maybe Robinhood could implement Tax Lots? πŸ’ŽπŸ™Œ πŸ¦πŸš€


Teransc | $1.69

Let's drain the swamp that is Wall Street.

Chris | $25

Finally, someone standing up for the little guy! No one in politics is doing this.

Anthony | $69.69

I found a home that I can feel comfortable in and relate to people that have a common goal. To hold these fat cats accountable and to expose them to the world..

Tyler | $4.20

Hedge funds are trash! Power to the non-rich! Keep on holding!


I consider myself right wing and a capitalist. Any time the market is more accessible to more people is a win in my book. What we saw was blatant corruption and self serving to deny that access.

Gary | $15

So tired of the government allowing these off the book trades, and shorting. Shorting should not even be allowed. Imagine a auto dealer saying we are going to sell you this vehicle, but while you are not using it, we are gonna let someone else borrow it! It's mine, you want it, buy it from me! So tired of government entities not doing anything to protect the normal people. Big money can do whatever they want.

marques nugent | $4.20

Henry | $4.20

It’s not much but when I get my tendies I’ll be back

Jess | $4.20/M

Thank you for representing the little apes!! Hodl!!!!

Michael Castle | $4.20

r/KYflytrap 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍


The fact that HF are manipulating the market through a dark pool to hide their "synthetic" stock trading, assuming Reddit and other investors, are UN-educated, inept investors, who couldn't possibly figure out what the shorts are doing or question, just shows you that Wall Street Hedge Funds, MM, the SEC, are the ones who are inept and greatly miss-judging retail investors who just so happen to believe in this company that they tried to bankrupt! WE THE PEOPLE, from all occupations, ages, race, national and international investors, want justice served, our rights exercised and a legal Stock Trading platform. How long is it going to take for the SEC to step in and make HF ACCOUNTABLE for their shady, manipulating, corruptive actions? The TIME IS NOW! Our Stock Trading system is seriously flawed AND disrupt. We see you, we are watching every miss-step you make, we have documentation and we won't stop, Gamestop!

Erich Richards | $1.69

After 10 years of trading and many papers on ATSs, Darkpools and shady shit- I feel like my voice is being heard.


Tired of the shills and getting screwed. Apes strong together, me want banana too!


Finally! It is nice to know that someone with modest means, but wants to invest in the stock market will finally have a 'voice' and/or support! Thank you!

Ayman | $20

Even the playing field for us, don't forget your roots, and I will continue to donate.


Greek flag 1821-2021


Brian Williams

Every $ they lose is a win. I love knowing they wake up everyday knowing its not going to be good. F hedges!!!!

Chris Vinci | $25

keep it up

13outique | $11.11

t o i n f i n i t y & b e y o n d πŸŒ™


I don't understand it all but I like what you're about. Would like to learn more because I don't like how the filthy rich boast about what and how much they have and it's all at the "poor mans" expense. I like the stock too. Wtf ?