Donor Wall (15)

Carole and Bill | $15.89/M

Have been enjoying the wit and wisdom of Ken and WDEV for over 50 years

Barbara and Mike Krancer | $52.23/M

Nancy Chickering | $10.70/M

Glenn and Joani | $21.08/M

We so fondly remember and cherish the Old Squier, Cousin Harold, Rusty Parker, Ken, Jack, Eric and Kia, the early morning school closings and delays, the coverage of basketball games with Dave Moody, the morning wake-up prices of hogs, the Dump Show, etc., etc. It's hard to explain this treasure to folks from away.

Bryan Pfeiffer | $10.70/M

History and tradition. Neighbors helping neighbors. Joel and Jack. Kia and Lee. Roger and the Red Sox. And, of course ... the Dump Show. The reasons to give go on and on. Let's hope WDEV does the same.


Justin Turcotte | $100/M

Music to go to dump, Common sense radio, Gov press conferences, Lee Katel (SP), Red Socks!

Stewart Clark

Karen Frost | $10/M

Love the Trading Post, the Dump Show, the Getaway with it's support of local musicians, Ken Squires, and pretty much all the programs at WDEV. Thanks for all you do!

Jennifer Lambert | $104.15/M

Thanks for standing up for the Vermont Dairy Farmers all these years!!

Dawn | $10.70/M

WDEV gets me going in the morning, and is the station I turn to for local information and news. I’m glad you’re there!

Mary | $5.50/M

David Palumbo | $5.50/M

Keep up the good work.


Timothy Marceau | $21.08/M

I canceled my SiriusXM and am using that money to support my local radio station with an ongoing monthly donation. The one that brings me relevant local news, weather and sports every day. I like the idea of being a partner as a listener in the ongoing long term success of my hometown station.