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Rob Bast | $10.70/M

For decades,WDEV has cleverly penetrated the hills and valleys that cell and broadband hasn't hit even now. You're even good enough to get Vermont into Chittenden County. We love our local radio. When we can't get dry weather, at least we get dry wit.

Linn | $10.70/M

We have been listening to WDEV since we arrived in Vermont in the mid-70's. We love the emphasis on supporting our local businesses, and are happy to include WDEV in that group. We feel as if we know all of you as if you were family. Here's to another 89 years!

Catherine Benham

Thank you for your coverage of local news. WDEV is a treasure

Alan Grout | $519.52/M


We love WDEV, and depend on it for weather, news, special programs - all of it! You are a fabulous community resource, and we value you - happy to offer support! Curtis and Ed Koren

Lew Stowell

You wake me up each morning at 5:00 AM

Mark | $10.70/M


I listen to your station beginning at 5 a.m. each day and have for 40 years! Thank you for your on- going service to others. I hope to contine listening for many more years!

Luis Carcoba | $10.70/M

I have enjoyed listening to WDEV for over 50 years. Not a day goes by without me tuning in to the station. Thanks for your entertaining broadcasts and for keeping Vermont traditions alive. Luis Carcoba

Dan & Patty

Listening to WDEV on the kitchen radio is a strong memory of my childhood, especially on snow days! Now our kids have experienced the unique value that local radio brings to our communities. Thank you.

Nick | $21.08/M

WDEV, the Old Squire, Rusty P and the Trading Post were an essential part of the fabric of the Vermont I grew up with. And now, the diversity of perspectives and defiantly local programming; even—perhaps especially—the break for our sponsors. We need this voice!

Tim & Bobbie Nisbet | $21.08/M

Thank you Ken and crew for your years of community support - far beyond the normal media response. It was a pleasure being a Dump Show sponsor for so many years working with Junie, Irwin, and Bud Salt 'em Down! King Subaru

Marc Keneally | $20/M

Wdev bridges the values of the past with todays ever excelerating pace of life in a style only fitting for vermont. Thanks for keeping your listeners informed, enlightened, and entertained! - Marc from CT, previous resident of Fayston , VT

Jim & Norma Jean | $10.70/M

WDEV.......a true Vermont original. We appreciate having a local radio station and love the local programming. Thanks for all y'all do. Have a good day!

Jim & Susie | $21.08/M

Over the decades, WDEV has been our radio of choice. Always a treasure and with us all in good times, but absolutely our communication lifeline in emergencies. Precisely the voices we need to hear each day in these times of isolation. Thank you.

Bill Schubart | $10.70/M

I grew up with WDEV and the Hermit of Hunger Mountain. For us binds the fabric of our Vermont community

ROBERT IDE | $21.08/M

Ken | $20/M

Thank You for all your many varied programs. We appreciate Roger Hill's weather forecasting. Keep up the good work!

Linda Suter

We love the treasure of our local radio: neighbors and music; Sunday Swing, Sat. Dump and Garden Show, Ken and Kia, Lee, Joel and Jack and Roger Hill.

Peter & Lucy | $21.08/M

I've been a listener since a carpentry job in the mid 1970s. As my wife pulled me out to dance around the kitchen floor this morning she said we need to help keep WDEV on the air. Keep the good times rolling!

James | $10.70/M

My dad and I would listen to the dump show when ever we were at their house in Stowe. WDEV brings back a lot of great memories. Thanks for being you!

Meg | $10.70/M

I love WDEV and all it stands for - and the GetAway is the best!

Debbie & David | $10.70/M

Love the morning show! Special shout out to Roger Hill for the forecast & explaining how weather works

Ernie Saunders | $104.15/M

WDEV ... helping keep the magic of Vermont "local"

Evelyn | $21.08/M

Thank you WDEV! We love you.

Bill & Ingrid Shepeluk | $43.35/M

Thanks for all you do for the community. Ten dollars a week--would be a bargain at twice the price for the news and entertainment provided. Talk shows that provide information about local and state issues in addition to the world and national topics, the Red Sox and an eclectic Saturday line up that cannot be found anywhere. We're big fans--of 101.7, too.

Sue Minter | $10.70/M

Thank you to WDEV for keeping us all connected through good times & bad. We need the next generation of Live & Local & Music to Go to the Dump By!

David Goodman | $10.70/M

Here's to another 90 years of live, local and independent radio to keep us connected and informed. WDEV is the past and future of radio.

Carole and Bill | $15.89/M

Have been enjoying the wit and wisdom of Ken and WDEV for over 50 years

Barbara and Mike Krancer | $52.23/M