Donor Wall (104)

Paul Buschmann | $35

Way to go you little powerhouse!

Gabriele Kolb

Tracey | $20

Go Valentina!!!!

Shiva Farouki | $103.83

Bravo Valentina!!!!!!

Roddy | $52.07

Great job Arthur!

Estera & Brandon Pagobo

Sokha | $30

Perry Diaz

Donation for Laps | $45

For Alem’s laps

Alma Bektasevic | $20

Great job Alem!

Bernard and Medina Muminovic | $200

We are so proud of you Alem!!

Navarro Family | $100

Great job Alem!! Keep it up!!

Amina Muminovic | $100

You guys have come a long way so keep doing what you’re doing Vipers!!!

Robert Napolitano | $103.83

Maria Carmen Riera | $31.37

Madison I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Congrats

Dorian | $10.66

Kyle | $21.01

Sophia | $50

Go Panda Sister!

Jaiden | $52.07

Go, go Luke!

Karla Laura

Never stop dreaming and keep on swimming Valentina Sheccid <3


Go Valentina Sheccid!!! Keep swimming and do your best always! Love you! Dani&Cami ❤️

Mariutia Araujo | $103.83

I’m so proud of you Yovanna, keep up with your good work and enjoy ! Love tia Micah

Oleg | $98

This is the amount Katherine earned by swimming her laps.

Ling Cai | $215.05

Go Vipers! Go Andy!!

Annmarie Sharak | $100

Joelma | $50

Keep swimming, Yovanna

Emma D Chavez | $10.66

Lets go beautiful girls,Sami Xime and Eve..❤

O Belguet | $362.63

In loving memory of our dearest son, Haany Belguet and in support of his sister, Huyam. Go Vipers!

Natalia Leon | $35

You got what it takes to be the best and you are already a champion to us!!! Keep it up!!!

O Belguet | $362.63

In support of our loving daughter, Huyam Belguet. Go Vipers!