Donor Wall (13)

Emilia Higgs | $50

Samantha | $500

Because of everything you all do and stand for you were able to help me and hopefully more service members to come. Thank you for your mission!


I heard you story on NPR today and was moved to donate. It’s high time the federal government subsidizes the training of service dogs for our US Veterans. Thank you for your service and thank goodness for our amazing four-legged friends!

Heather Pou | $52.23

Kendra Williams | $250

Christopher | $50

Elizabeth | $250

Frans Kopp | $78.19

Erika | $104.15

Maritza | $259.92

I heard about your work in NPR this morning. THANK YOU for your work on this! Service dogs should be part of our veteran's health (emotional also).

David Greenawalt | $52.23


Keep up the good work!

Sherry MacDonald | $250