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Love, peace, and nappiness!

TELL-IGNITE Jeff & Barry | $500

This moment in history cries out for an institution like the Universal Hip Hop Museum. It is our shared responsibility to bring it to life so it can celebrate the music AND advocate for the oppressed communities who brought Hip Hop to life.

Kylerr | $10

Michael Reed | $5

It would be a pleasure to associate, partner or donate towards your museum purpose.

Lynette Shelborne Barfield | $100

My memories of the launch of Hip Hop was celebrating and experiencing the craze on an HBCU campus as a college freshman (first generation) at Wilberforce University. By winter, putting on my sheepskin coat, decked out with other New Yorkers as students from other states began to label us NY Rappers because we had the look and lit all the campus parties styling, dancing, DJing, and rapping to the lyrics (word for word) of the newly released Hip Hop records in the Winter of 1980!

Rocky Bucano | $10