Donor Wall (28)

Bob | $4,154

Valerie Mosley | $519.52

Federico Masetti | $500/M

We celebrate the effort because Drum and dance and music is a core aspect of TYS education and mission! On behalf of MusicXChange, keep up the great work! ONE LOVE!


For. Rory- Respect…

Michael & Cindy | $519.52

We know how difficult it is to start and maintain a school, and are inspired by what you are accomplishing there!!

Benat | $104.15

Tia Colangelo | $208

Fran and I are so impressed with TYS programs. Every child deserves educational opportunities.

Sandra | $104.15


It has been a privilege to support the work being done by Trinity Yard School over the years.

Pam & Jeff

It's great to read about the many accomplishments of your students, staff and alumni. Congratulations to the whole TYS community and best wishes for continued growth and success!

Tom & Carol Wells | $250

Rory and Team—-We are so proud of what you and these young people are able to accomplish. Go change the world!

Daniel Poor | $100


You not only make a tremendous difference in the lives of the children and youth of Ghana, you inspire us all to use the privelege we have to do the same. THANK YOU.

Beñat | $52.23

Please accept our humble donation to such the very nspiring TYS community!

Joe | $104.15

Malek | $831.05

From french students in Lyon, who hosted events all year long to help TYS. Our humble contribution, hope this will help. Malek (former volunteer now teaching in France)

William Bode | $112.46

A small token of appreciation to one of the most amazing grassroots organizations that I know.

Chris | $104.15

So happy to help you guys


TYS music education program!

Andrew Jackson | $831.05

Tia and Fran Colangelo | $104.15

New England Floor Covering | $150

John | $52.23

Emilie Lee | $104.15

wishing the best year ahead to all TYS students and staff!

James | $104.15

One love

Michael Kilbourn

Blessings! I am wishing TYS the best, always.

Barbara & Rob Mathews

We admire the inspiring work done at Trinity Yard School.


In honor of Brian Steger