Donor Wall (20)

Meghan Coleman | $1,038.73

For Ripley (Laird Angus): a winner and a gentleman, New York bred.

laura hillenbrand | $519.52

To sponsor Quite Rightly! Thank you for loving him so well!

John & Barbara Ambrose | $2,500

Thank you for supporting these beautiful creatures!

Jeremy Fought | $104.15

Sharon Angulot | $100

My donation is in memory of David Cassidy

Linda Marie | $50

A lover of horses, this donation is for Tara! Merry Christmas! xoxo

Philip Maniatty | $259.92

Mary Jo Driscoll


Thank you for providing a way for all of us that love horses to help them...happy holidays Bold Mon and Corinthian's Joy.

Jac McCracken | $115.58/Y

This donation is in memory of my brother Randy.

Nicolette | $104.15

Thank you for all you do for these beautiful horses!

Trish Okeefe | $519.52


Matthew Hackethal

Elizabeth Binari | $26.27

Thank you for all that you do for these horses. I work near the Plymouth County (MA) TRF and love seeing the horses every day.

Wendy | $104.15

Anonymous | $104.15

What a wonderful organization; places for these equine athletes to be cared for and loved and to be able to care for and love others. Thank You and continued success!

laura hillenbrand | $2,596.37

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!

Patricia Prunty | $100

Marta | $104.15

Thank you for the work you do.