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Anonymous | $2,000

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Jim BOIN | $150

Angela Branz-Spall | $500

Carolyn Nones Vazquez | $100

Joan Barker | $1,000

Nancy Darigo | $100

In memory of our grandparents who came from the Fiera di Primiero area

Tom & Tina Fellin

Thank you for making this possible for all those people who came to America to make a better life..and for those in Trentino who were left behind.

Tam Agosti-Gisler | $100


Joe Maffei | $500

Silvia Torresani Prevedelli | $250

Buon lavoro, Vincenzo!


Barbara Zadra

Jane North | $150

My grandmother proudly told us we were Tyrolean. Good luck with your project!


Daniel McGarry

The Nolan Shafer Family

La famiglia e tutto! Salute!

Tirolesi Trentini del Colorado | $250

From your friends with the Tirolesi Trentini del Colorado Club. Grazie!

Circolo Trentino di San Francisco | $500

Circolo Trentino di San Francisco looks forward to viewing this film dedicated to our cultural and historical heritage. We encourage you to contribute.

Anonymous | $100

Alison Fujino | $100

For all immigrants, especially Jack. 1/3 Italian in spirit 2/3 Japanese American.

Lisa Hotchkiss

Patrick Nolan | $100

In memory of my mother and her people. Zadra Familia