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      Dear friend of TreeSpirit Project,

      Thank you for offering financial support — this directly helps me continue and expand my TreeSpirit-ed advocacy and activism for the natural world: plants, animals, Tule elk, forests, all part of our interconnected world.  

      Since 2004, TreeSpirit has been a labor of love for me, but in these challenging times of our human-caused climate crisis, I feel more compelled than ever to devote all of my time, and my 17 years of experience, to working on these issues, speaking up, and taking action and I hope inspire many more people to do the same, in their own unique ways.  

      Whether you feel most strongly about TreeSpirit's original devotion to trees & forests, or, more recently, for the Tule elk of Point Reyes National Seashore, or speaking out about the climate crisis, animal factories, or pesticides and Invasion Biology issues, all of them are interrelated, as is the fate of the Earth's living systems — including us humans. We are inextricably and intimately interconnected.  

      I believe that as more of us reconnect physically, emotionally and spiritually with the natural world around us, especially now during a pandemic and our climate emergency, our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors will change for the better. And we’ll even feel better, less lost and empty in the modern world of endless screens.

      Thank you for contributing to TreeSpirit’s vision of a wiser path forward, in many ways a return to an ancient path, for us as individuals, and for humanity as a collective.  What we love we will protect.


      Jack Gescheidt, Founder

      [email protected]

      The man killed the bird, and with the bird the song, and with the song himself.  - Pygmy legend