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Can YOU adopt a cat or a dog today?

Many people would answer NO to this question.

Yet there are millions of animals in Istanbul who desperately need a home.

Even if you can’t provide one, you can still HELP by preventing these poor animals from being born into starvation, abuse, sickness and experiencing unimaginable fear and suffering.

Tails of Istanbul is a community of volunteers who are working hard to save animals from the city streets, and find forever homes for cats and dogs currently in Turkish shelters.

WE BELIEVE the only long-term solution to this problem is to spay and neuter AS MANY ANIMALS AS POSSIBLE.

There are hundreds of thousands of stray dogs and cats on the streets, as well as in the forests around Istanbul.

The shelters are overcrowded and very few animals get a chance to be adopted.

The animals are reproducing at a rapid pace, and the constant sight of pregnant cats confirms the fact that this is an ongoing problem, which is not being managed properly.

We hope you will help us take action!

OUR immediate focus is to spay and neuter 25 dogs and 25 cats.

This may seem like a small improvement at first, but think about these numbers…

A single unspayed dog and her offspring can be responsible for the birth of more than 67,000 puppies in just six years—and just one cat and her offspring can produce more than 370,000 kittens in only seven years.

This spay and neuter program will have a HUGE impact.


The spay/neuter costs are as follows, in Turkish Lira:

Female cat (300 TL)

Male cat (200 TL)

Female dog (500 TL)

Male dog (300 TL)

Additional funds are required for transport, medications and extra vet care.

Our team will use trusted private veterinary clinics, where the animals can safely recover from their operations before being released.

They will also get the standard care of parasite treatments and examinations during these1-3 days in the clinic.

You can follow the progress of this program on our Instagram feed @tailsofistanbul.

PLEASE make a contribution today! We would be so grateful for your support and if you can help spread this campaign.

Together, as a global community, we can improve the welfare of animals!

Tails of Istanbul’s long-term goal is to work closely with Turkish municipalities. To help them do their job better.


If you know anyone who can help us in these areas, please contact us at [email protected]