Donor Wall (105)

Tom Barnfield

Hugh | A$51.86

Laura | A$51.86

Great initiative team!

Patricia | A$51.87

Lauren | A$51.87

Gus Gluck | A$51.86

Ben & Christina Symes & Ulriksen | A$51.86

Paul Kristoff | A$51.86

Awesome initiative to help those in the industry who have given us so much joy over the years.

Mark Hannell | A$26.17

Mikey | A$21.03

Bonnie Marnock | A$21.03

Cannot wait to re-embrace all the wonderful #hospo in Melbourne and thinking of all those less fortunate that have fallen through the cracks xo

Summa | A$21.03

Neil Hudson | A$21.03

Alicia | A$51.86

Thank you for setting this up. We need you all - Melbourne’s hospitality is the best in the world.

Blackhearts & Sparrows | A$2,055.97

Congratulations on giving us such a meaningful way to support our friends and colleagues xx

Martine Thompson | A$51.86

Jake Newell | A$21.03

Daisy | A$31.31

Alex | A$51.86

I can't tell you how much I give a tip about this!

Tresna | A$21.03

Hannah | A$51.86

Amazing initiative! Thank you for involving us. Love from Hannah and the Scarf team :)

Melissa Fox | A$51.86

A wonderful initiative!! Thank you 🙏

Gemima | A$51.86

Serena | A$21.03

Robert | A$51.86

Abby Levin | A$51.86

What a wonderful way to support those that have fallen through the cracks.

Samuel Thornhill | A$21.03

Another great initiative guys 🙌

Ethan Jenkins | A$51.86

This industry has given me so many memories, smiles, full bellies and date nights. What a great initiative!

Elizabeth Maidment | A$51.86

So happy to donate to such a wonderful cause.

Coco | A$21.03