Donor Wall (105)

Maggie | A$1,035.62

Thinking of you all and hoping and wishing for a quicker resolution to the lock down.


Marie | A$52.19

Jared Merlino | A$20

Eddie | A$21.13

Astrida | A$21.14

Kaylene | A$52.19

Hang in there guys!

Jodi Clarke | A$103.95


Emma | A$10.79

Hang in there guys. We’ll be back

Fran Marshall | A$21.14


Paul Kristoff | A$1,000

Honouring my pledge to donate the retail value of what I've been gifted by hospo operators via @thecitylane during lockdown 2.0, plus a top up.

Maki | A$207.47

I hope this initiative would help many temporary visa holders. Thank you for doing it.

James Hampton | A$103.95

Great stuff team hopefully everyone can donate a little

Simon Hartley | A$207.47

Great initiative thank you

James | A$21.14

Difford's Guide Aus | A$207.48

Wonderful work team

Marjorie | A$50

This is a brilliant idea

Manu Bonjour | A$10.80

Long live hospitality!

Fae Ballingall | A$52.20

Frank | A$21.15

Maddi | A$21.15

Simone Hoffmann | A$21

Loving this initiative!

Will Sleeman | A$21.01

Good on you, Legends!

Karen Chibert | A$103.23

This is such a great initiative, all of us who can afford to should give what we can to the people who make up this fabulous industry which is suffering so much right now.

Paul Kristoff | A$25.12

On behalf of The Sneaky Treat Co, who delivered me brownies and refused to take payment.

Andrea | A$51.85

Great initiative team!

Stomping Ground Brewing Co | A$175.18

An amazing initiative we're proud to be donating to

Bianca | A$21.02

Love your work! Xx

Gabrielle | A$103.24