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Elliot | £52.15


Shirley Blake | £20.93

Nicola Sim | £25

Andy Kenyon | £35

Andy Kenyon Registration fee for the RPHM

Michael Lee | £51.99

Susan Begley | £10.58

Leah Franks | £600

This is a donation in memory of our heart warrior who sadly passed away, she was born with 4 major heart defects which were picked up at our 20 week scan. This charity means a lot to us so we hope this donation helps to detect heart defects in the pregnancy.

Tanita Fisher | £62.34

Gill Pearson | £6

Lynn Bennett

Hannah | £100

Ian and Angela are the proud grandparents of Imogen. Imogen's heart defects were picked up at the 20 week scan and she underwent open heart surgery at 9 days old at Southampton General Hospital. She is now a healthy and happy 18mth old, and you would never know she had such a difficult start to her life. Instead of doing Secret Santa with their extended family this year, Ian and Angela have donated £100 to Tiny Tickers. We (Gary and Hannah, Imogen's parents) were very grateful for the expert work of the sonographers who picked up Immy's heart defects so early, and to the Tiny Ticker parent group who have been a great source of support. Thank you for everything you do x

Mark ONeill | £50

Daniel Bratherton | £35

This is for Gareth lees fundraiser for his birthday his target is £250 already has £215 I would like to donate £35

Sam | £10.58

On behalf of a colleague who's daughter benefited greatly from your services

Ellie Moorse | £10


As a sonographer and Mum of a child born with a heart defect, this charity means a lot to me ❤️❤️


George Rivers | £20.21

Happy first Christmas Gracie Cade and family

Veronica | £41.82

Sharon | £33.30

Thank you Anne Clarke for making Christmas decorations to sell in our support of Tinytickers. In recognition of our little warrior Gracie Violet Pip xx

Sharon Gibbs | £414.32

Jonathan Haggarty | £100

Tom Haggarty’s Uncles Secret Santa present 🙂 🎅🏻

Chloë Thompson | £20

Rebecca | £145

A small contribution to the amazing work you do. Forever grateful for the early detection of our little ones TGA ❤️

Esther Brennan | £10

Wendy & Peter | £200

Gracie Cade - in celebration of our beautiful Great Granddaughter, Gracie. A little miracle thanks to the pulse ox machine.

nspm ltd. | £1,230

Emily Cade | £259.04

Happy Christmas to everyone at Tiny Tickers! Our daughter Gracie Cade was born in September with TGA, a VSD and coarctation of the aorta. Luckily this was detected prior to her birth. Having been thrown into the world of CHDs we are shocked that so many are still undetected prior to birth, and in lots cases babies are sent home from hospital with their conditions. We met two couples at GOSH who were sent home with their heart babies. We will always be passionate about raising awareness of CHDs. Thank you tiny tickers for all you do to help improve the detection rates and support parents of heart babies too. Our family are going to donate to tiny tickers instead of buying Christmas gifts this year. Fingers crossed all of our contributions can get a pulse ox machine in another hospital. Emily, Daniel & Gracie Cade xx

Tracy Mancini | £26.12