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Shirley Blake


In grateful thanks of help for my unborn grandchild and parents Alex Schofield and Sarah Jane Mann 48 Albany Road.Northampton .NN1 5 LZ Who are doing a charity fund raiser.All our love.

Harriet | £51.99

Thank you so much for your amazing work! My beautiful nephew was born with TGA and is now the most perfect human ever❤️

Dany Griffiths | £62.34

Kelsey Taylor | £10.58

Thankyou for all the incredible work you do. My daugthers heart defect wasn't picked up during my 20 week scan but with your page, fundraising and information. I believe it will and is helping to prevent heart defect from going undetected.

Mark | £20.93/M

I've been threatening to get fit for a couple of yrs now. So I've pledged £20 per month which would be roughly what I'd pay Slimming World to weigh me. The difference is that if I don't keep up my training, I don't pay Tiny Tickers! After taking part in the weekly quiz during the 1st lock down and learning about all your amazing work, who would want to let TT down? So here is my commitment and so far, so good. Thanks to you all. Lots of love, Wendy

Suzy Schlanker | £5

Grateful for the support tiny tickers give Sonographers to detect heart anomalies

Stephanie Nicholas | £10

Alex | £50

In January 2020, my wife and I attended a routine 20 week scan to be told by the sonogaroher our little girl had an issue with her heart which turned out to be a DAA. We hope this donation helps continue providing the training sonographers need to identify heart conditions during pregnancy.


Thank you for all you do for little ones and their parents.

Jade | £20

Donation from raffling off one of my handmade scarfs! Thank you so much for all you do!

Helen | £50

Kirstie Ansell | £25

My son Harley was born sleeping due to a heart condition 9 years ago.

SIMON HILLS | £103.75

In Memory of baby Marshall xx


Carly Jackson | £10.58


Chris Wheatley | £500

Donated on behalf of Kym Kitching for winning the PremeXmas Tis the Season to be Gif'ing campaign. Congratulations!

Sarah Finch | £25

Janine Parry

Thank you for all the work you do, I donate each year instead of sending Christmas cards

Christeen Tully | £10

Rajni | £150

Thank you Jon for sorting the team quiz, Happy Christmas team Tiny Tickers, Love Rajni, Ian, Jai and Maya

Diane Kitto | £20.94

Our youngest grandson had an operation for CHD at 9 days old. Thankfully he is now a healthy, happy 18 months old.

Chloe Cooper

Sakura | £26.11

Joy Johnson | £26.11

Having read the opinion piece in the New York Times on the loss of the Duchess of Sussex yet to be born child and I know of a young person who was "completely utterly crushed" by her loss with no one to talk too, the article touched my soul. I felt compelled to offer something to help babies who are born with a defection and if my small donation can help in anyway, I am honoured at least to give them a "fighting chance" in life.

Hannah | £10.58

Becky Skelton | £10.58

Elaine Woodling | £5.40

Victoria Stubbings | £15.76

For my little boy Joseph, 2.5 years post OHS and do amazing. Thank you for all that you do, so much love.