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In memory of my Uncle Den, thankyou for the important work you do.

Sheila Elson | £103.75

Julian Hayward | £26.11

Thanks for a great quiz! And keep up the good work!

Harriet Gale | £51.99

Jane | £15.76

GNR entry fee Jane Hall

Michelle Minton | £30

Mintons GNR Payment

Gill Marshall | £10

Thanks for the great TOF webinar!

Ellie | £62.34

Our family have chosen to donate to Tiny Tickers this year rather than us buying each other birthday presents. This is in honour of our little miracle Arthur George who was born with TGA back in May 2020 - Arthur is now 10 months old and thriving thanks to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and a sonographer at our 20 week scan picking up his heart defect xxx

Jeannie Droop | £168.50

Sakura Holloway | £2,350

Raised with tiny steps by tiny warriors who have achieved more than anyone expected! Arthur, Kiran, Jesse, Jack and Teddy walked more than 66000 steps to raise funds for Tiny Tickers and the ward that treated them in Southampton. From our warriors to help future warriors xx

Jon Allen | £50

A charity close to my heart anyway, and this donation is to thank Paul S for his great organisation of our Cheltenham week of fun. All the best.

Harry | £6.11

From Ollie xx

Suzy | £3.33

Thank you for the talk on TOF ❤️

Harriet Crawford | £103.75

Nicola | £54.58

Rajni | £25

Another great quiz :)

Tubie Cheeks | £150

Tubie Cheeks Heart Month donation from the sale of our Heart Warrior charity print ❤

Harriet Stockwin | £25

Donation on behalf of Kev Harper

Ann James | £10.57

Holly Barbara Davies, A beautiful flower lent on earth, but not to bloom. Fly high sweetheart 💕

Lesley Slater | £31.27

Holly you will always live in the Light and Love you have shown us all. You are a truly amazing little girl and you will always be remembered. Most special heart warrior x


In memory of Holly Barbara Davies a very special little girl, a true little heart warrior who touched so many lives.

Natalie | £10.57

I would like to donate a doll in his memory

Rachel Kerridge | £20

Ramsay McNaughton | £20

Heart Week 2021 - Suzi’s dance from Kilwinning to Glasgow. Well done Suzi & Havana for raising £831 Love Grampa

Esther Speck | £175

Well done Sam Watts for raising £175, this is our donation match. From Briggs Equipment UK Limited

Jodie | £725

Heart Week 2021 fundraising

Rebecca Wright | £156

We will be forever grateful to the training Tiny Tickers provides. We were fortunate enough that our sonographer 2 years ago detected our baby’s heart condition which meant he had the best chance from the off set!

Ali Bachelor | £100

Louise Slater | £300

Our heart week donation raised by a fundraiser we put on during heart week ❤️❤️ Thank you all for your amazing work

Teresa Allen | £51.99