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Laura Griffiths | £31.23

Sean Whewell | £183

Mark Rothery | £300

Rothstone Estates (belated!) Christmas Collection x keep up the amazing work!

Sally | £120

Chelsee Ayling | £343.32

As a result of my bake sale, I have managed to raise ALOT of money thanks to my amazing supportive colleagues!!

carys white | £103.54

Happy Heart week Tiny Tickers! I'm donating this on behalf of my daughter, Harriett, who is celebrating her 5th Heart Day today. Thank you for all your support and work, spreading the word on CHD and all the sonographer training you do. You're fantastic! Thank you Carys xxx

Bethan Saunders | £10.57

susan Begley | £10.57

Anne-Marie Atherton

Lorraine | £10

Jennifer | £82.88

Merry Christmas (Belated) from the sonographers at Russells Hall


Your training of a sonographer helped my friends’ grandson’s serious heart defect to be detected antenatally- he celebrates his first birthday next month as a thriving wee boy. Keep up the wonderful work you do.

Alex Fowler | £100

My little nephew Jonah was helped massively by your charity 2 years ago as he had 2x open heart operations and was on ECMO when first born, here’s a little donation to help out.


Our family are remembering cousin Nigel who died shortly after his birth in 1960 due to a congeital heart condition and his mother Beryl, our Aunt, who died in May 2018.

ALUN | £150

gordon cherrington | £26.07

Laura Weston | £10

Rebecca | £10.58

Loving #twinkletwinklelittleheart

Rob | £25

Nick Brooks | £10

Carina Hoskisson | £51.90

Faye | £35

julie brix | £50

Matthew | £26.07

Marshalls Park Academy - Romford. Donation for the amazing work and support from TinyTickers

Jon | £10

Katie | £3