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Your training of a sonographer helped my friends’ grandson’s serious heart defect to be detected antenatally- he celebrates his first birthday next month as a thriving wee boy. Keep up the wonderful work you do.

Alex Fowler | £100

My little nephew Jonah was helped massively by your charity 2 years ago as he had 2x open heart operations and was on ECMO when first born, here’s a little donation to help out.


Our family are remembering cousin Nigel who died shortly after his birth in 1960 due to a congeital heart condition and his mother Beryl, our Aunt, who died in May 2018.

ALUN | £150

gordon cherrington | £26.07

Laura Weston | £10

Rebecca | £10.58

Loving #twinkletwinklelittleheart

Rob | £25

Nick Brooks | £10

Carina Hoskisson | £51.90

Faye | £35

julie brix | £50

Matthew | £26.07

Marshalls Park Academy - Romford. Donation for the amazing work and support from TinyTickers

Jon | £10

Katie | £3