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Atara | $10

Adam- Obomsawin

Creator shine his face upon you Steve. The mark is upon us. That being the law of man over the Law of (creator) God. The 2nd and 4th Commandments have been disregarded and counterfeited. Those that study the scripture and seek the kingdom in truth be blessed.

Joseph Barber

Thank you Steve for sharing your insight and fighting the good fight and standing for the Truth. The Lord bless you and your channel and bring many to wake up and to be saved into eternal life!

Anonymous | $100

Victor Otero | $50

Keep up the good work.

Paul & Meg | $20

We watch you every day and we hold you up in prayer my friend... Lots of love to you and yours ♥️

Gayle Clark | $20/M

This is in memory of Jonathan my son and William my husband. Thank you Steve for all you do to help us understand the truth...

Michael Ford | $20

Keep spreading knowledge to save the masses. Your work is necessary in these times.

william kubik | $164

Thank you for the truth.

Anonymous | $20