Donor Wall (16)

Raphaelle Richardson | $300

Debra Cady | $100

Laura Rariden | $100

So proud of you all! Nonstop excellence! Thank you!

Nevada PEP | $200

So proud of the work Youth MOVE Nevada is doing.

Victoria Cantwell | $30

Joshua | $100

Youth MOVE National is amazing! I am so happy to donate!

Rowan | $75


Congratulations to all the rockstars! Your work is so important and so needed!

Kippi | $500

Love all that Youth MOVE is and it does!

Griffin Ambitions LTD | $40

Gwen White | $100

Rachelle | $50

Johanna | $25

Katie Yarrison | $25

Michael Defrancisco | $100

Matthew | $50

Working for Youth MOVE has been a pleasure. As a past manager of Youth MOVE Maine when it was around, I am glad to have found my way back to the Youth MOVEment working for National. To all the Rockstars this year, keep up the phenomenal work!