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Tatiana Stollman

Yoga changes my life as I live it everyday. It has been with me through the ups and downs that life can bring. I am student of yoga and will always be. Yoga allows me to find my center and believe in myself and others. It makes my life immensely bright. It is something that is always there for me and adapts to my needs whatever they might be. In my personal practice, sometimes I spend 45 minutes exploring a couple of poses or do an entire flowing sequence. Sometimes I just stay in pigeon or child's pose the entire time. I love my mat, it feels like my flying carpet that allows me to go to places and also reach the deepest corners of my being always refining me and slowly giving me the tools to become the best possible version of myself. I have been teaching yoga for 20 years now feel so much joy and gratitude every time I step on the mat as I love to teach and witness how people's lives get transformed and improved. That is my motivation to teach.

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Eastnole | $415

For both myself and my partner, yoga has completely changed the direction of our lives. I was constantly injured from playing sports and tearing my meniscus in my knee, and my partner suffered from depressive episodes. After doing yoga for around 5 years, I am in the best shape of my adult life and my partner is much more in control of her emotions. This has led to us both becoming yoga teachers and then creating our own yoga product and company. The best part is that our journey with yoga has just begun!

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Yoga helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life and I feel strongly about the transformational benefits that the practice offers especially for those who have experienced trauma. The practice of yoga helped me transform my pain to strength, my fear to acceptance and my heart to gratitude. Now more than ever we need tools available to us that can alleviate the thinking mind, the stressed body and the overworked nervous system. We need more awareness and less judgement. I’m called to share this practice with others as I know from my own experience that it really does work, not overnight but over time, in our own time.

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