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Thank you for caring for these abandoned dogs! It broke my heart seeing these dogs when I was in Bali years ago

Beck Browne | A$26.41

This is for Tina, may she have a better life and love from now on ♥️

Kumareswari | S$100.12

Thanks for the awesome work you guys are doing!

Kerrie Felsman | A$104.30

lynda | $19.16

Salma Habibullah | A$10.87

Rebecca Wood | £6.47

Thank you for all you do you’re amazing….

Sharon | A$104.26

Tania | A$26.37

In loving memory of Whiskey and Obie, the best rescues, long gone but never forgotten

sandra rose | A$52.34

In memory of Tiny Tess

Sangeeta Krishnasamy | A$26.38

Sally Plummer-Jones | £30.56

Maartje Derks | A$10.87

I so so hope it will happen soon

Gabriela Gamboa | A$10.87

Stephanie Lefebvre

Lanaya Greco | A$26.41

Sam Lynch | A$26.41

Thank you for everything you do!

Narelle McLean | A$26.39

Thanks for the amazing work you do. xo

Marina | A$26.40

Ally Dimiotis | A$10.87

Anonymous | $37.69

Alyssa Leight

You are doing such beautiful work! Bali needs your help and those puppies are so lucky to have you!

Alana Rae | A$311.96

For Elsa x

Terri Kennedy | A$52.32

Love what your doing Bless you all for the love of dogs

Soul Connection Yoga | £53

Donating to give other pups like our two rescues a loving life!

Laurie Colvin | $10.70

Thankyou for giving them the gift of a safe, loving life! They deserve it and I pray a special blessing that you are able to continue doing this for a long time!

Wojo | A$26.41

Jesly | $10.70

Stefanie | A$104.27

Marina Stewart | A$104.12

For a Pawfect Healing Centre, Merry Christmas thanks for your wonderful transfurmations:)