Donor Wall (31)

Michael | $52.23

Thank you for your work!

Randy Lucas | $25

God Bless ya'll

Paula | $26.27

Thank you for giving such love and care to these beautiful dogs xo

Alexia Liavas | $78.19

Elissa Outtrim | $26.27

My late husband David was the kindest man I ever knew and I know he’d want to help you build your center…even though he was a Cat-Person! ;)

Kristina | A$104.26

For the oxygen machine

Amy Bluhm | $519.52

Anonymous | $52.23

Thank you for your 24/7 selfless help, love & care for these innocent souls! ❤️🐶

Lisa Sears-Croft | $10.70

Thanks for helping these special animals!

Eric Young

Frederique | $259.92

jancis o'mara | $259.92

Sandra Warneking | $104.15

Hayley was the best rescue dog ever - we miss you girl.

Kendra charts | $1,038.73

Carolina Grace | $5.50

You align so much with my own mission of supporting the creation and emergence of a more Heart-led Humanity!!! Thank you SO much for your heart-led dedication and commitment. You inspire others to taking heart-led action too as role models for what else IS possible for Humanity when we care and lead with our Hearts. With much gratitude x

Anonymous | $26.27

Thank you so much for all you are doing to help these dogs when no one else will. You are truly an inspiration.

scott kochman | $26.27

You guys are great! Glad to be a supporter.

Jennifer | $104.15

Gail Morgenstern | $78.19

Bradley | $26.27

I love all animals, including dogs, and it breaks my heart to see them in a position where they can't do anything, please help the animals that encounter your way. Thank you so much for helping those who cannot help themselves.

Leah English | $26.27

Olivia Forsythe | $104.15

Mary Healy | $104.15

David Williams

I don't need my name on a plaque, instead pay tribute to the ones that couldn't be saved. Please keep up the good work, I know Bali quite well having been 20+ times.

Carlos Villarreal | $26.27

Thank you for all you do!

Matt | $104.15

For charlie, such a great story! Thanks for taking care of those who need it the most!

Brenda | $52.23


Every time I see one of your rescues on The Dodo-- it's just beautiful.


Thank you for your amazing work and dedication.

Rachel Kendall | $52.23

You guys are doing amazing work!!! Please keep it up!!!