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Joseph | $26.19

May we see ourselves as cells in the body of humanity. May we be a balm and not a cancer.

Wilma | $10

Agatha | $52.07

Thank you so much for being with the times & speaking to relevant and pertinent matters.

Jennifer Cothrine

Much gratitude and love for the teachings you share... I think you need to make it he clear that the concept you are presenting is by Thich Nhat Hanh... He's my favorite Buddhist Monk b and I have dozens of his books.

Susan | $103.83

i have given two subscriptions to friends to support Lions Roar and them. thank you!

Don Funk | $25

Anumani Santos | $10.66



Dedicated to all those who are grieving the loss of loved ones...

Charles Luke Wales

Tamara Paquette

Elaine Teo

You do vital work. May my contributions join in your flow such that it ever increases in reach and benevolent impact on all of us who need it so.

Maria | $10.66

Thank you so much for sharing with us this beautiful work.


You are like my walking stick and guide. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Charles | $26.19

Utkarsh | $25

May Dhamma spread in it's purity, for the benefit of many, for the happiness of many!

Sandra Fernandez

Infinite Gratitude for GENEROUS Infinite knowledge Sandra Sun-FLWR

Mel | $26.19

Namaste 🙏 and thank all of you at Lions Roar for sharing your big, brave and beautiful Lions Heart ❤️🦁. May you too enjoy great blessings, peace, love, good health and joy.

Hsien Loong Lim | $26.19

Sadhu sadhu sadhu!

Alison | $10.66

Thank you for bringing these teachings into my life.

Michelle Hill

Thank you! Keep going.


Thank you for the beautiful newsletter!

Lynne Zickerman | $52.07

Thank you.

Liza Giambarba | $26.19


Dear friends, I am grateful for the online retreats and information that you offered during the last months! May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be at peace, may you be free from pain and suffering. With love and a lotus from Susanne


Thank you for all your communications which are so supportive during these difficult times.

Linda Liao | $103.83

Mary Slocum | $103.83

Thank you for your kind work spreading these teachings. May you all be well. May you all be full of peace.


thanks so much for your continued haven during these chaotic times.


Diana Shimus mindfulness mediation sessions have created peaceful pools!