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Mary | $26.19

Thank you all so much for your compassionate and helpful words and practices. Thank you for the diversity of writers for the magazine.

Donna Gilbert | $10.66

Reading the wise, soothing, truthful words that meet me in the moment during these troubling times, I am grateful for all you do.

Milo | $21.01

Love you all so much, thank you for the articles over the years and providing clarity for my experience. I’m so grateful for this website and all it’s contributors <3

Bill Gauthier | $100

Thank you for helping me on my journey. Please accept this small offering as a way for me to help pay it forward in a small way 🙏🏼

Susan | $50

Thank you as always for Lions Roar. I am a long time reader and endless Beginner. I will support you as I can.


Namaste, Lions Roar...

Heather Williams | $10.66

I view consciousness as my True Identity. I view my physical body and physical world experience as an opportunity to know who I AM. Thank you for your wonderful articles that help me learn more.


Lions roar is invaluable to me as one who attempts to follow the Path but often steps off.

Margarita Lopez

I am very grateful for ALL the wisdom and joy you have brought to my life through learning about LOVING-KINDNESS and MINDFULNESS - You have brought LIGHT and LIFE to me, in the middle of great darkness, and discouragement

Amanda | $26.19/M

Wonderful teachings, priceless. Thank you

Meghan | $10.66

Kimberly Richardson | $103.83

A Bow of Gratitude !!

Jillian | $10

Wish I could give more at this time.

Victoria | $26.19

Thank you for your wonderful work

Colleen Crawford | $26.19

Mary | $103.83

Thank you! May we be unveiled. May we see. May we give love and receive love.

Dhaivat Anjaria

Thank you for all the insightful perspectives...please continue the great work.

Conrad Young | $5.49/M

We may have been reborn in the phone realm, but the Buddha is here too


I get so much from your articles and wisdom. Thank you.


Dyfrug | $10.66


Roger Portfolio | $103.83

I really appreciate your magazine...I have given a gift subscription to a few people who are not Buddhists and they have appreciated and enjoyed Lion’s Roar...

Charmaine | $10/M

Thank you with much gratitude and love.

Theodore Brooks | $103.83

Elizabeth | $26.19

Thank you for bringing so many different Buddhist teachers and perspectives to people open and curious, but not necessarily deeply embedded in Buddhist sanghas.

Christopher Ferrell

Allen | $5.49/M

Thank you for helping to make deep wisdom accessible to many, in these desert-like times

Stephen | $10.66


Thanks for all your wonderful work during this difficult time. Looking forward to next issues of the magazines.

Andrea Jacoby | $52.07