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To help your work to usher in the Buddha of Love, in our hearts and in community, and in the communion of all Living Beings of this world. With deepest gratitude for the Love I have felt in the everpresent arms of the Mother within the Ocean Of Wisdom, that milk of Humankindness and Compassion That Is the Avalokiteshvara, the 14th Dalai Lama 🙏

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I appreciate your work


May all beings be well!

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Thank you for the goodness you put out into the world.

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Thank you for the work you do, an article I read today really helped with some techniques I needed to work with my afflictions.


As always, Lion’s Roar lifts me up.

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From your friend at Wishing you all the best.


Dana for you. It is one of the best dharma gifts that I have learned.


Blessing to you all for your lives and wonderful teachings and examples

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With appreciation for all that you do!

Ren Thackham

Thank you for making such wonderful content so easy to find. From Sydney, Australia with love.

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Always Grateful


thank you for your sincerity and love

Jeffrey Thacher

Thank you for bringing the teachings home to all of us engaged in practice during these difficult times.


Thanks for your tremendous work and wonderful teachings.

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Best spiritual magazine I’ve read!

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Thank you LR! We feel less alone when we realize the interconnection between all beings !

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Thank you for these teachings. They help me to feel a groundedness during these times.

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My teachers say that even a drop of understanding on the path added to the ocean of samsara contributes to the well-being of everyone.

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In memory of Lucy and Tsute Yang

Jonathan Graham

Thank you.