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Keep on keepin' on!

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I was just thinking to myself as I clicked on another emailed addition of the Lion's Roar, how much I look forward to reading all these inspiring, interesting stories, and if everyone around the world were to get them, and then be able to read them, what a difference they could make in our humanity. Really, so well done is the writing and sentiment, and many thanks for being in my email box to cheer me on with my own practice. To All involved at Lion's Roar, Much Joy and Love to you....💟☯️☮️

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I am so grateful for the work you do in collecting dharma-wisdom from many traditions and making it widely accessible. Lion's Roar is an indispensable resource on the path. Thank you! I am not able to donate more at this time, but am giving LR subscriptions for Chrsitmas gifts - hope that helps some.

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I look to Lion's Roar to send articles and teachings to the men's prison as we can't join them in person since last March. Thank you for providing important articles.

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Thank you for all the generosity and wisdom


Thank you for giving hope that living is a chance for uncovering our real nature


Bowing deeply to you for all the wisdom you bring to the world.

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As a tribute to the work Lion's Roar carries out


We need the dharma more than ever.May many people be inspired by what you offer.

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A wonderful website. I get something beneficial from it every time I visit, learning more about the dharma, its wisdom and spirituality...thank you for being here and available to teach us so much...

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it would be a change to have comments in the news inspired by the buddha instead of a politician


I am an 81 year old widow and so wish I could donate more as I receive so much from you.

Alexander Peristeris

Thank you! Please continue


Thank you so much ! I love Lion's Roar !


Thank you for the many clear and inspiring articles. Hope to read more good stuff in the coming year, and wish you a fruitfull 2021.

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Thank you to all who contribute to Lion's Roar, for your articles, donations and time. You've made this space a beautiful one.

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In honour of Dr. Rina Sircar

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I was just sent the story on Tonglen & I am using it in my life - thank you. Sedonah Sunn (aka) Qurban Ananda Kaur

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The David Hinton interview!

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I appreciate the work you do, and also that you give it away online. Keep going, keep giving.