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Curtia Robertson Jr | $103.83

Thank you Lion's Roar for supporting our practice! 🙏🏽

Mark | $52.07

Thank you Peace and love to all


Nitya | $52.07

In love and service of the Cosmic Truth of Unity ~ May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy and free!

timothi | $10.66

I am grateful to give.

Andrea & Phil Cohen & Andrew | $50

anne | $26.19

Thank you so much for all your work connecting with people at this difficult time. It's been inspirational.



liz howell | $26.19

Thuy | $10.66

May 2021 bring us all a renewed sense of hope, peace, and love for this world.

Lori Mills | $10.66

May 2021 bring us all a renewed sense of hope, peace, and love for this world.

MARY ANN | $10

Thank you for all the free or donation offerings this year. They meant so much to have. Blessings


Edward Evans | $26.19

With gratitude. Namaste, Edward Evans

patricia O'Brien | $26.19

Thank you for carrying on in this challenging time. I've given my 3 adult sons and their families subscriptions to your amazing magazine. I hope, in addition to my modest donation, the subscriptions serve to help.

Jennifer | $10.66

Thank You


Especially during this pandemic the words of the teachers have been such a help in remembering to be mindful



Thank you for the timeless and precious wisdom you share with us.

Sylwia | $52.07

you are amazing !! thank you for all your inspirations :)

Diana | $103.83


Thank you for all your work in spreading the dharma


Many thanks.



Merci Lion's Roar ! Vous êtes un précieux vecteur de changement dans ce monde !

David | $103.83

With gratitude for your generous service and compassion for all who encounter you and your work!

Amala Lim-Chew | $52.07

Sir Thomas Matt | $103.83

Mary Lynn Peters | $10.66


I appreciate being able to spread the dharma by sending online articles to my friends when they need support, so I wanted to give back by making a donation. Thank you for what you do!