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With Love from NZ


With thanks for the heart you make public. I needed the help one of your articles gave me tonight. Thank you

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very much appreciate the quality of the offerings here


I thank you for the piece on dealing with anger. Since my head injury, anger has become a much more frequent visitor, and this is the first useful advice I have seen on dealing with it.


Appreciate the wonderful work you're doing! All I can afford. For the benefit of all beings _/|\_

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Thank you for all the life-enhancing wisdom.


Thank you for all the wonderful readings


Your teachings are priceless!

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wonderful, the knowledge you provide has been very valuable to me.


Thank you for the profound articles. I love reading Lion’s Roar!

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Thank you for having it available on-line. When I need to get answers about Buddhism, I can count on the quality of work found in Lion's Roar.

Carolyn Swed

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Donation inspired by The Haunted Dominion of Mind BY DZIGAR KONGTRUL RINPOCHE| OCTOBER 5, 2017 - thank you so much!


This article is like a door ajar, inviting your spirit to come home to its highest place, and to explore its ignorance in the unknown, both gently aligned on the intersection of the present moment. Oh wow!!

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Bless all you do!


Your work is really helpful & I love my daily dharma & all of the offerings !

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You make a difference . Thank you.

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Thank you for all the uplifting articles. May all the Buddhas smile upon y'all! :) Om mani padme hum.

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Thank you!


Thank you for your many nourishing articles that feed my heart and my practice.

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Dear Lion's Roar, I love you! Each week, when I am looking for material to send to the inmates we used to meet with before Covid, I find treasures in the Weekend Reader that I can pass along. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Liz Yount in Erie, PA

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Thank you for existing - I only stumbled upon you today but have been reading ferociously for a couple of hours now. So much wisdom!

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