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Carol Fitzgerald | $10

I live on my SS, and so my donation means a lot. thank you for what you share and do!

Megan | $26.19

Kathryn | $52.07

Jessie Rivera

Thank you for what you do❤️🙏🏼

Michele Martin | $50

Lee Pierce | $103.83

your wisdom has made isolation a time of learning and care. Thank you!!

Hsiang Ju Lai | $52.07/M

Flora van Stek | $25

Thank you for your uplifting articles, it's always a pleasure to read your newsletters. Many blessings! Flora van Stek from The Netherlands

JK | $52.07

Thank you for the wonderful articles. It brings me much peace.

Jennifer | $50

Just a little something to help the fabulous work that you do.


Vielen herzlichen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, in dieser aktuellen Lage und auch in der restlichen Zeit.


I live in UK.I have deep gratitude and respect for your unfailingly regular emails which connect me to a rich seam of diverse compassionate thought and link me to kindred spirits aligned with my Yogini life. Thank you.

Robert Clark | $103.83

I so enjoyed your recent dharma talk Thich Nhat Hahn seminars. Thank you

Pam Sheehan | $25

With sincere appreciation

Tina | $52.07

My strength lies with YOU 🌺🙏🏼

Kirsten Wilkens | $103.83

Christine | $25

Richard | $26.19

Thank you! 😊 🖖❤


Tracy | $50

May we continue to recognize our interbeing. May we be at peace. May our hearts remain open.

Michael | $5.49

You are much appreciated!

Sally | $100

Sulaiman Girivirya | $10.66

Be happy and free from suffering

Robbin Phelps | $26.19

Thank you for all you do. The teachings and inspirations are most needed now.


Thank you for this lifeline of peace and balance.

Matthias Schmitt | $52.07

Thanks for keeping us sane in isolation. Om Tare TutareTure Soha.

Sorin | $10.66

Thank you for sharing wisdom and the peace it brings


Wendie Henderson | $26.19

Thank you for continuing to provide teachings in this time, more necessary now than ever.

Susan Kistin | $26.19

Thank you for your steady presence in this very difficult time. I am blessed to be a new member.