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Your contributions are immeasureable. Much gratitude.

Graciela Marin | $259.11

Lion's Roar continues to entice, inform, educate, and open hearts. May its influence continue to flourish for the benefit of all. Keep on keeping on!

Sharif Husseini | $20

Keep up the great work!


Reading Lion's Roar has helped me through some difficult patches in my life, thank you!

Anand Kishore | $10.66

Thanks 😊

Becki Amor | $10.66

Margaret | $52.07

Thank you for unending wisdom and love~

Jacky Nieuwstraten | $26.19

Thank you for sharing wisdom

Judy Shen-Filerman | $103.83

Angela Willes | $25

Thank you for the recent Summit

Eliot Rosenbloom | $30

May wisdom ripple onward and transform.


Keep it up. Thanks for all the great works

Christopher Collins | $10.66

Thank you for years of insight and calm.

Lisa Cunha | $10.66

Much love.

Alison | $10.66

Thank you 🙏



Mary Fugiel | $21.01

Thanks so much for Jack Kornfield's online talk. Very reassuring.

Lynn Thore | $103.83

Lion’s Roar is such an important part of my life. It is my favorite publication, and is such a healing balm in these challenging times. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Namaste.

David Stephen | $26.19

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and understanding at this challenging and disruptive time.


Sent with gratitude. May you long continue in this important service.


really, really want to give more and monthly buy not able to do it right now. i am reading everyday trying to absorb the teachings. i will not stop trying to learn and apply everything. i read and then start over again hoping to remember. will not give up, promise.

Martin | $103.83

Thanks for all of your excellent work, support and inspiration.

Iain Orr

Lion’s Roar you are a conduit to stability and peace and grace. And are especially meaningful in these turbulent times. Thank you so much for being an anchor to what is true and good.

Jolanthe Berretty | $50

Your work is very important. Thank you for the inspiration.

Donald Hopkins | $26.19

Gassho 🙏

Leslie | $10

I’m grateful for all the constructive information I receive via Lion’s Roar. For me receiving your articles is a welcomed reprieve from all the never ending reports on the anxiety, fear and suffering associated with the pandemic. Boundless Compassion via the mother, is most needed right now. Metta

Steven Mickiewicz | $52.07

Thanks for all the knowledge you've provided to help me and others.

James Schmittdiel | $52.07

I have received Lions Roar for several years and I would like to say that everyone there is an inspiration and support. Thank you all!

Elizabeth Bergan

May all be free from suffering....... May compassion be without limit.....