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Kamlabai | $25


I am truly grateful for all your inspiring readings. Please & Thank you for continue to share

Marija Helena | $10

Thank you for the wisdom I have just read...

Stan Peterson

Thank you for helping me along my journey of self discovery.


May we, together with all beings, manifest the ever-present wisdom and compassion that is our ground of being.

Gregory Rills | $26.19

May all being be free from the suffering of virus and suffering from any other ailment and reach enlightenment ....

Pauline | $50

With sincere appreciation for all you do for us

Harriet | $25

Best wishes and thanks for your work.

John | $26.19

My hope is that this trying time we are living through can can serve as a gateway for us all to achieve a greater realization of what is truly important.

Valerie | $26.19

I dedicate this to the happiness and well-being of all, thank you

Anne Brith Hem

Tom | $100

Thank you for the constant source of inspiration

Michele Martin | $50


Thank you for the invitation to re-open my heart


Thank you.

James | $26.19

May this act of giving become a direct cause, a catalyst, to bring all beings without an exception to perfect Buddhahood. Happy Vesak!

Meredith | $103.83

Your magazine, emails and online articles have greatly supported me. Hands together! ~Meredith

Cecy Korematsu | $103.83

Thank you

Rick Vitrano | $52.07

I have more than I need.

Cecelia | $26.19

Thank you for your important and inspirational work in bringing Budhist wisdom to this troubled world.

Carlyn Hyde | $103.83

Thank you for your wisdom, guidance and very helpful offerings.

Sarah | $26.19

Supporting the wisdom in a Lion’s Roar!

Kristin Lucas | $25

Mary | $103.83


Your contributions are immeasureable. Much gratitude.

Graciela Marin | $259.11

Lion's Roar continues to entice, inform, educate, and open hearts. May its influence continue to flourish for the benefit of all. Keep on keeping on!

Sharif Husseini | $20

Keep up the great work!


Reading Lion's Roar has helped me through some difficult patches in my life, thank you!

Anand Kishore | $10.66

Thanks 😊

Becki Amor | $10.66