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Luis Carlos | $10

Apenas empiezo a descubrir la formidable revista de Lion´s Roar pero me inspira.

Denita | $52.07

Happy Earth 🌎 Day




Merci pour votre excellent travail! You bring joy, dignity and wisdom to our world.

Rich Streitfeld | $52.07

Did not even know you had podcasts. Wonderful! Thank you!

Markos | $10.66

Thank you for spreading the love and the wisdom!

Chrisowalandu Charakopidou | $26.19

Andrew | $10.66/M

Thank you for that which has been freely given ...I see this small token as something "passed on" rather than donated

Patrick Lears | $26.19

LR's contributors have made an invaluable contribution to my life

lynda | $77.95

I love and am inspired by Lions Roar. You calm me and challenge me. May you all be well and continue your good work


Reducing stress and anxiety in those around us during this difficult time is infectious ...

Dennis | $25

May all be well.



Keep up the good work, I love what you're doing! Warm greetings from Europe.


Thomas | $26.19

Make rice Chop kale

Jerry Braza | $25

Thank you for your ongoing work to support the dharma especially during these times of fear and uncertainty!

Vicki | $52.07

Terry Fernando | $52.07

Phei Yee

Joseph Elder


Clair Brown | $300

With my gratitude to all the Lion's Roar community for helping people at this time of darkness, and especially to Melvin McLeod for providing inspiration and leadership. May you continue to benefit all beings!

Gayle | $52.07

Keep shining!

Patricia Ikeda-Nash | $26.19

Please continue the wonderful Dharma work!

Miriam Stollar

Thank you

Kevin | $517.91

Thanks for being here in these troubling times and your work is very valuable and I use many of your thoughts to help lead all my employees, etc!

Lisa Strickland-Clark | $52.07

Thank you for all the inspiring articles. We need you right now.

Carol Fitzgerald | $10

I live on my SS, and so my donation means a lot. thank you for what you share and do!

Megan | $26.19

Kathryn | $52.07