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Bartleby | $10.66

Thank you for your constant inspiration

timothi cox | $10.66

for Lion's Roar & Jan Willis & her leadership..

Anthony | $26.19

Curtia Robertson Jr | $103.83

Thank you Lion's Roar for supporting our practice! 🙏🏽

Mark | $52.07

Thank you Peace and love to all


Nitya | $52.07

In love and service of the Cosmic Truth of Unity ~ May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy and free!

timothi | $10.66

I am grateful to give.

Andrea & Phil Cohen & Andrew | $50

anne | $26.19

Thank you so much for all your work connecting with people at this difficult time. It's been inspirational.

liz howell | $26.19

Thuy | $10.66

May 2021 bring us all a renewed sense of hope, peace, and love for this world.

Zs | $26.19

Thanks for the well-balanced and insightful articles written. I have benefitted from them:)

Mary | $44.44

Thank you for the continued reminders that we are all connected and for the important words and work you share


Thank you for all your precious work and support!

Lori Mills | $10.66

May 2021 bring us all a renewed sense of hope, peace, and love for this world.

MARY ANN | $10

Thank you for all the free or donation offerings this year. They meant so much to have. Blessings


Edward Evans | $26.19

With gratitude. Namaste, Edward Evans

patricia O'Brien | $26.19

Thank you for carrying on in this challenging time. I've given my 3 adult sons and their families subscriptions to your amazing magazine. I hope, in addition to my modest donation, the subscriptions serve to help.

Jennifer | $10.66

Thank You


Especially during this pandemic the words of the teachers have been such a help in remembering to be mindful



Thank you for the timeless and precious wisdom you share with us.


Thank you for all your work in spreading the dharma




Many thanks.



Merci Lion's Roar ! Vous êtes un précieux vecteur de changement dans ce monde !

David | $103.83

With gratitude for your generous service and compassion for all who encounter you and your work!