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Peace and serenity to all beings everywhere.

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Thank you

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I've been deeply grateful for the guidance, wisdom and solace provided by the practitioners and authors in Lion's Roar (Shambhala Sun) over these many years and I'm happy to have the opportunity to support Lion's Roar during this challenging time for you and for us all.

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Thanks so much for your work, such gems of teachings and balm to the human condition!!

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I truly appreciate that you allow internet access without a subscription, unlike Tricycle.


Thank you... wonderful articles and helpful too!

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I wish I had discovered this site and Buddhism sooner in my life as I had wandered so long but feel I have finally found a refuge. Thank you so much for the quality content.

Judith (Judy)

I am a Theosophist, studying the Dhammapada right now. I love your periodical! Wish I could donate more but I was furloughed from my teaching position because of Covid.


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Thank you. Thank you Thank you!

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A tithe in thanks for The Hungry Ghost.

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The newsletter is a Joy to read. I share it often , depending on the theme, with family and friends

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Thank you for the work you do and share with us! 💚

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Thank you for spreading this wisdom

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I really like your content which has helped me understand myself and become a better person.

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Thank you for "Lion's Roar"! Namaste'


Forever in debit to your priceless advice ☮❤😊

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Thank you for your constant inspiration

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for Lion's Roar & Jan Willis & her leadership..

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Thanks for the well-balanced and insightful articles written. I have benefitted from them:)

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Thank you for the continued reminders that we are all connected and for the important words and work you share


Thank you for all your precious work and support!