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Kelly | $10.66

Thank you for Green Tara practice.

Dennis | $10.66

May all beings be well and happy.

Lily Allen-Duenas | $10

I am in perpetual gratitude for the gifts you share with me, and with the world. Thank you, Lion's Roar, for being a light in this world.

kwok chan | $31.37

Keep up the good work!

Ellen | $15/M

I feel safe reading the wisdom of the ages. Our time now is so precarious- we need something that is thought provoking and kind. ๐Ÿ™


I read a lot of the posts that come in from Lionโ€™s Roar and truly appreciate this ongoing and regular source of wisdom and inspiration that comes from such an interesting variety of teachers. Thank you so much.

Tracy Gonzales | $26.19

With appreciation and warm bows. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

Shivshankar Burde | $100

Carol | $103.83

Felicia Mindte | $21.01

As an elderly woman who has lived through many good times & bad, Buddhism has helped me face Life with more wisdom and joy.

Thomas Wittenberg

Keep up the good work!


Thank you for all the spiritual support you have given us in times of normalcy and challenges.

Elen Mintzer | $50


Wish India a possible escape from this catastrophe.

Marc | $25

Please help India!

John | $50

Tracy | $41.72


inspiring articles, helping my practice!


Leslie Roche | $50

Lions Roar has been an inspiration and life-line to joy, gratitude and peace.It has deepened my practice Many thanks


Deeply value the work you do. LR has only gotten better over the years.


Thank you for providing insightful and very helpful articles that help me on my path.

Bente Skytte | $26.19

Thanks <3


Deborah Carnick | $100



May we not be separated from the Great Happiness devoid of suffering.

Michael Levy | $50

Thank you!

Mari Mennel-Bell | $103.83

The Buddhist teachings seem to me to be the most helpful of all spiritual teachings.

Elizabeth H Jenkins | $52.07

Love this connection with Buddhism. As a lay Buddhist of the Theravada line it greatly augments my practice. I also enjoy the Buddadharma magazine.

Clarence | $25