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angelique | $52.07


Thank you for being there

Catherine | $200

Dear Lion's Roar, I think that you promote loving compassion and development of inner truth—hurrah for you—Bless You! Kindly accept my one time donation. Buddhist values and teachings are to be cherished.


Brenda | $124.53

Colleen Newlin | $103.83

I am so blessed by your Sacred offerings. I thank you deeply. Blessings right back to you.

Pleasance | $52.07

Thank you for the joy and the peace you’re helping to spread throughout the world. Namaste🙏

Tanis Cameron

With great respect and deep thanks for the critical work you do for the world - especially so during a pandemic! Blessings

Ah Peng

Dharma is great! May the Dharma continue to light the path for all beings .Sadhu

Sofan Chan | $103.83

Brian Spielmann | $40

Timothy Girard | $62.42

John | $25

Thank you for all that you do, please keep up the good work. In gratitude!

EDWARD OTT | $103.83

Peace, Love and Understanding.

Maaike | $108

Thank you for sharing the dharma 🙏

Ronald Tan | $10.66

Namo Amituofo

Annette | $103.83

This donation is to honor my AWESOME friend, Stephanie, fir her birthday. In good health with much deserved joy and love!!!!

Elizabeth | $103.83

I gather articles to send to our sangha brothers in a nearby prison. Such treasures do I find in Lion's Roar. Thank you!


Thanks for bringing the Dharma of Wisdom and Compassion to more people. We are all Inter-beings.

Allison | $54

Namo Amitabha

Douglas Wessel | $25

Wei Wu | $21.01

May you continue to prosper.

Susan Barnabe

Peter | $52.07

Thank you for sending some hard copy magazines to prisons. Given the restrictions, It can be a Buddhist prisoner's best access to Dhamma.

George Sng | $124.53

May the dhamma helps all living beings to realise the truths within them

Eloise Howard | $103.83

Mel Tan | $62.42

Namaste dear Lions Roar 🦁 ! Thank you for all you do, for seeding and nurturing kindness and compassion 🌱❤️☀️

Rob Parisien | $103.83

Debbie Foster

Colleen Spaeth | $21.01