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This mantra came to me the other day in the form of Vive's beautiful song interpretation. After realizing it was a mantra and finding your site I fell in love with the Medicine Buddha (and Lion's Roar!). I have profound gratitude in this moment for you holding space for this and deepening my understanding of this practice. We all need healing, now more than ever, and I so look forward to sharing this!!

LWIN | $52.07

$50 ,Win Win To support Buddha Damma who benefits people of all walks of life .

Jacob | $103.83

Advice for Someone Who is Dying BY AJAHN CHAH OCTOBER 26, 2018 in 3-3-2020 issue was very good. Thank you.

Graham | $52.07

Everyone deserves an equal amount of help towards enlightenment


For Harry

Robin Beasley | $10.66

Thank you your Holiness for helping me learn to breath, meditate and find my center.

Douglas | $10

Jagadees-Prada’s (Jagy) Pattur | $52.07

Articles explain deep concepts.

Donna Williams | $26.19

Really Enjoyed your article by KRITEE

Chi Piu | $26.19

Thank you for helping me going through so many difficult times, much appreciated🙏♥️

Caroline | $5.49

J D Pendleton | $26.19

Am enjoying your articles.


Gratitude for the superb quality of Lion's Roar writings and links, such constant nourishment to our practice.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my essence for reaching out and spreading the wisdom calling for awaikening.

Leonard Elia | $26.19

Isabel Fleury | $10.66

Thank you for all lovey articles and for all the beauty they create in our lives!