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Tsuki | $100

Thank you for being there when I needed you

Anonymous | $10.84

Keep up the good work :)

Lisa | $10

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I'm not currently working however i think it is important to make occassional donations to those rare sane domains on the internet

Dhaivat | $10.84

Excellent curation of insights by the team. Very soothing.

Cilia | $52.07

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Namo Amituofo


"Those who neglect to drink from the spring of experience are likely to die in the desert of ignorance."-Li Po

Cissy | $26.33

I am pleased to contribute to your important work which benefits many people greatly.

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Wishing you well from New Zealand


Lisa Schrempp | $26.33

Lion's Roar helps dispel ignorance and constructs compassion and wisdom, a boon to all🙏🏿

Sandra Ostrowski | $26.19

I hope my small contribution can help spread your message even to those who don't read or follow your words. The world needs your ideas.


Thank you for all you are doing to bring peace into our hearts, our lives, and the world ❤️

michael zanger | $25

Blessings on your wonderful work!

peter-6 mcgullam

It's always a pleasure to read "Lion's Roar," writing that rings true.


Lucy Hurston | $103.80

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Thank you for all the lessons and the wisdom. It is much appreciated


A la création, à Bouddha, à la Vie cette anomalie A la Terre, notre demeure, à l'amour, A nous autres pauvres ignorants que nous sommes

Timisha Carter

Thank you for keeping the dharma wheel spinning 🙂🙏🏽

Tereza Joy Kramer | $103.83

Thank you for all the wisdom, all these years!


Thank you, I have had limited ability to read your articles due to illness but I am now experiencing increased healing and look forward to being able to take in more of your wisdom

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Thank you for the wisdom you put out there for all of us who read these wonderful articles. They are so helpful.