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Tova Green

Thank you for consistently bringing a wide range of voices and dharma teachings to support us in times of uncertainty and unrest in our society/the world.

Anne Tesoro | $100

Dat Tran

Thank you for helping to spread the Dharma message of wisdom and compassion


Chris | $10/M

Thank You! Sending love & gratitude

Jennifer | $270

Thank you, Bakes Mitchell. And in honor of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Life is a series of small kindnesses, given and received.

Jennifer | $27

a small request ... if you are reading this, will you please consider sending metta to my cat, Xavier, and to me? He is, and has been, a great teacher and friend to me. He is experiencing heart disease, and though he is happy being a cat, I find I struggle with sadness. Our hearts may benefit from your loving kindness, Namaste!

Ronni | $15.84/M

In gratitude for your recent free symposium

Brian Chin | $10.66/M

Folkert | $5.49

feel supported by being part of the club, and find your articles interesting and helpful


Mei Tschang | $10.66

May all beings be joyful and free, and may our thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to the well-being of all. May kindness and compassion melt all hearts in the infinite one heart. Infinite love, gratitude and namaste xo

Lizette | $10

I am a senior on a fixed income and regret that I cannot contribute more at this time but I will contribute more when I am able to. Thank you for everything you do and stay safe and well!

Howard | $259.11

Thanks for your commitment to providing me and others with dharma teachings on an ongoing basis. It's always a gentle reminder to be with the present. Howard

clark h | $26.19

May all be free of suffering

Mark Domann | $52.07

Thank you for spreading the dharma!

Nir Peleg | $52.07

Your efforts carry fruits. Much comfort one has found in writings you have published. I thank you. Nir Peleg, Israel

Barbara Skalinder

The articles in your magazine always bring me solace, insight and challenge, but the July 2020 issue with its focus on the pandemic brought a special sanity to my life. Thank you for all you do.


My support is based on having simply read one wonderful article. Quality!



Diana | $103.83

Your work is important and is supporting many people in a very difficult time.

Pamela Showman | $10.66

I am so Grateful for all that you share with full giving hearts

anne kirchgraber-mckee | $10.66/M

if I had more, I would give more! y'all are awesome

Lynn Strauch | $52.07

Richard Taylor | $52.07

Dillan | $26.19

I read your article on whiteness and racism by Fisk and it gave me comfort knowing that Buddhists are aware of the apparent white supremacy in Buddhism today. Hopefully within the next 100 years American Buddhist centers will have every race and creed instead of just white people.

Nick Newlin | $25


Thu | $25

Thank you for all your important and diligent work. Keep the faith!

Emma Mahony | $10/M

I have been reading The Art of Living by Thich Nhat Than this morning, having left my family after an argument, burning out after trying too hard too long to do everyone’s work. Now enjoying the peace and solitude of my own company I can see I was burning out. Thanks to the reading this morning on The Lion’s Tiara, I vow not to burn out.