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Thanks for all your insightful articles.

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Thank you!

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Buddhist Philosophy has completely changed my life!

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Thank you for what you do.

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Lion’s Roar keeps me sane and reminds me that in this dream we share, the only way to be here is to connect with ourselves and each other via our own hearts.


Thanks so much for the beautiful work you do and the inspiring articles. Love, Viva Meessen

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A very good newsletter. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!

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We honor your commitment to this work.


Thanks for providing and inspiring us in the west with so many dharma teachings . 🙏

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You are doing wonderful work. Keep it up

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A wealth of comfort and wisdom

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It is with deep and humble gratitude I make this offering and look forward to a New Year filled with more truth and wisdom from Lion’s Roar

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Thank you for all of your work in spreading the dharma and in illuminating the teachings of the Buddhas!!!

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Keep up the wonderful work!

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Om Mani Padme Hum 😊

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Continue all your great work and good luck!

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Thankyou for your wisdom in a world that seems to be full of knowledge. To search for truth in our lives is a beautiful thing!

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I am so grateful to Lion's Roar. Through its pages every month I am reminded of all the goodness there is in the world.