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      The most common question we receive from enthusiasts who are looking into living the van life is: 

      "which vehicle should I choose to live in?" 

      The Problem

      The problem with this is that there's just so many factors and options to consider and one broad answer won't do the trick for anyone, since everyone's situation is unique. Which is why even if we were to write a 4000 word blog it wouldn't help you out much, trust me... we've tried that. 

      What we've done in the past is have people post their questions onto our forum where they can get replies from many different nomads and experts within the field. This works for now, but going back and forth in a convo makes it take much longer then it should. 

      There has to be an easier way, right?  

      The Solution

      A member in our community recently got a brilliant idea to automate the process of helping you find your future Home on Wheels with the click of a button. 

      And so we got to work...

      We've already started designing the tool and here's what it looks like: 

      Beta Design

      See a live example HERE.

      Finding your home on wheels with this tool will be a walk in the park!

      You'll simply fill in the fields (as shown in the screenshot) and click 'find my home on wheels'.

      Then our tool will do it's job and recommend all the possible vehicles (vans, RVs, minivans, and buses) that fit your requirements. 

      You can then find more information about each vehicle right within the tool.

      Easy Right? 

      Here's the catch

      There's a financial barrier which is keeping us from launching this tool. This is what I'm hoping you can help us with. 

      What exactly will your contribution be used for? 

      Like we mentioned before this tool will be 100% FREE, so your contribution is necessary to get this up and running. 

      - Development, unfortunately our team does not have the technical knowledge to do this on our own. So, we will be hiring developers to do it for us. We've already designed looks of the tool, which is why we are able to show you the screenshots, and live examples. But now we need the developers to actually make it work.

      - Research, we're going to have to gather lots of information about each and every single home on wheels. For this we will have to hire some digital nomads to go out and help us do the research. By gathering information about each vehicle we will be able to provide more details to those searching for their home on wheels. This way, they don't have to spend hours looking for basic and incomplete information on google (trust me, it's hard to find). 

      - Updating, some information about vehicle's get outdated about every year. For example, the price of a van 2016 van is not going to be the same in 2020. We need to make sure we're constantly updating the information provided by the tool

      - Hosting, Keeping the tool live on the internet is actually going to cost us a monthly fee as well.

      The tool is expected to launch the first week of January 2019