Donor Wall (655)

Tony Marcum | $259.92

Joey Angelo | $100


Jill Mantia | $52.23

Andy Swanson | $259.92

Thank you Jake for the invite to Pauly D! We love TAO Las Vegas and our family! Cant wait to comeback to visit!!

Donna Pearson | $50

Matt Govendo | $26.27

Nicole Mcdermott | $104.15

Spread the love!

Chase Rapp | $1,038.73

Joe Friedman | $519.52

We will be back stronger than ever. Much love to my TAO Group fam.

Gabe Aguilar

For my family

Jason Deck | $50

For all of the times Ben Zirolli has gotten mad at me at Lavo.


DJ Pauly D!

Andrew Castillon | $104.15

Thank you, Dan Niebergall! See you at TAO when this is all behind us!!

Billy Mulligan | $1,038.73

Tricia McEniry | $52.23

Tommy Gillispie, I wish it could be more!!!

Sasha Molina

Tao Group will always be family.


Donating in honor of one of the best Director of Event Operations, my cousin Dessi, we are all in this together.

Susan Ralston | $519.52

Beauty and Essex in New York and Los Angeles has been so gracious to my family each time we've dined. Kudos to Chris Santos and his crew! Happy to help!

Paul Weiner

Wishing the best to my Tao Group family

Pearl Wolf | $5,192.42

I love you all, TAO Group! Can't way for you to reopen again. Your GREAT Grandma, Pearl Wolf

Haley Close

Sending prayers to all those affected. Looking forward to a re-opening soon!


Much love to the Tao & Sundance Fam! (esp Matt, Joe, Savannah, Gabby & Jake) and a very Happy Birthday to Matt!

TYKU Sake- Davos Brands

On behalf of TYKU Sake. We love you our TAO Family. Sending Blessings and Support during this hard time.

Cindy Garza | $259.92

Thanks for all y’all do! We’ll be back better than ever! Cindy Garza Priest

Bridget Jovanovich | $104.15

We love the Tao Family-- sending healthy, positive vibes to the entire team, especially Phil + Colin in Chi town! Just a token of support although we could never repay all of the hospitality they have given us (and the Select Models of course). Love you! -Bridget Halanski


Chef Santos has supported RSRT & those with Rett for years. Happy to donate!

Ian Glazer

Donating on behalf of my good friends, Andy & Sarah Barroway!

Michael | $50

Much love to the entire Tao Family!

Craig Spitzer

From Craig Spitzer & a2c

Michael Fahlbusch | $519.52

Vegas/Tao Strong !