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Kevin Dasher Ng

Thank you for all the amazing times, TAO Group Las Vegas!

Brandon Parshall

See you soon Cliff Orr!

Initiatjve International, LLC

Bayfield, Colorado in the house!

Points Rich Travel | $104.15

Thank you to Jon Schwartz, Noah Tepperberg, Jason Strauss, Dash Berlin, Bryan Lee, Jack Legg & all TAO Staff for all you do!

Rip D.

Thank your for providing entertainment! I love Dash Berlin, thank your for supporting him and other DJs.

Rip D.

Thank you for providing a home for Dash Berlin (Jeffrey Suttorious). I’ve been to Marquee Live to see Dash Berlin and it was a great experience!

Kerry McKenna | $26.27

Richard Gonzalez | $1,038.73

Hold on, we can get through this together. Better times ahead.

Gina Fontana

Much love to our Tao Group family!

Jarrett Juran | $200

Much love to all Tao staff - Films By J & DJ I-Dee

Jordan Vega

Richard Bellofatto | $1,000

I ❤️ you guys. Can’t wait for the experience and service that’s second to none. Thank you 🙏

Monica Nizzare



Happy Birthday Matt Pearson.❤️❤️Tao Group

justin tupper | $104.15

Mary Perry | $519.52

You have always been there for me. Thank you so much! I’m so happy I can help. Warmest regards, Mary Perry ❤️🙏🏽😷

Maggie | $83.39

You have always supported our family and our journey living with Rett Syndrome. With much love and hope for your families. Love the Wurmys

Jericho Marie

Happy to be part of a great family!!

Michael Hesekiel | $259.92

Bella Watson

Can't wait until cabs are here to take us back to Tao for real!

Richard Klein | $216

In appreciation of Susan Nugraha, the BEST daughter-in-law any guy could have.

Natasha Bacallao | $52.23

Tony Marcum | $259.92

Joey Angelo | $100


Jill Mantia | $52.23

Andy Swanson | $259.92

Thank you Jake for the invite to Pauly D! We love TAO Las Vegas and our family! Cant wait to comeback to visit!!

Donna Pearson | $50

Matt Govendo | $26.27

Nicole Mcdermott | $104.15

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