Donor Wall (655)

Cheryl Volpe | $10.70

Asahi Beer | $415.68

Stay Strong, We love you ALL! Here's the next Kampai.

Robert Santella | $259.92

Stay strong Tao Team - the end is almost here. You're loyal customers will return!



Hi Paul, best regards from germany and thank you for the great times at ultra.

Johnathan Hornig | $26.27

We believe in & support you all!!

Jamison Ernest | $100


Thank you guys for all that you do. See you in the future :-)

Bryan Schnettler | $259.92

Todays shake on behalf of my friend Cliff for the awesome Dash set.

Guetta Building Company | $100

Guetta Building Company supports and thanks the entire Tao Group! We will get through this💯❤️

Justin Orsini

All love for everybody at TAO! Your hospitality is unmatched. Can't wait for the grand reopening - Justin Orsini

Bella Watson

Dash Berlin brought the party today! Sending love and good vibes to the Tao family.

Ben | $78.19

Thank you Dash Berlin for today and the invite Jake R !! Were always family

Amanda Mercer | $26.27

❤️ the lii i be set... miss vegas!

Pamela Tripano | $104.15

Thank you for the music

Karen Kang | $519.52

Thank you for the years of friendship, generosity and kindness!! Miss u all, Hing! Bryan! Jay! and thank you, Dash, for an amazing set! Look forward to seeing u all soon! 🥳😍😄 Until we meet again, BE WELL!!! 🙌🏾✨🤩

larson legris | $76.75

14 years strong! Lets gooo!

Alex L | $1,000

Thank you Jeff and Borys! Thank you to all Tao Group staff!

Anna Dunn

Sending love to Tao Group! My husband and I love Marquee Dayclub and Nightclub in Vegas 💜

John ORSINI | $259.92

Hang in there all. Miss you all

Kaori Chiti | $259.92

To My TAO Group Family! Love, Kaori Chiti ♥️

Alyssa Ghanem | $250

Love you Tao Group

larson legris | $255.84


Rob D | $519.52

Mr. | $52.23

God bless!! Stay safe!!!

David | $104.15

Missing Dayclub with Dash and my Marquee Vegas Brothers and Sisters!! We will all be back together soon! Happy Birthday Andrew!

Kevin Dasher Ng

Shoutout to Dash Berlin! Here from the Dash Berlin #TaoCares live. #dailyDASH. Thank you for everything, Tao Group!


My favorite nightclub in LV has my favorite resident [Dash Berlin]. ❤️you Marquee. I can’t wait to come back. 😘

Frontline Workers

Elizabeth | $26.27

Thank you Jeffrey aka Dash Berlin for helping us all keep positive during this hard time. You brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face at EDCLV 2018.