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William VSPOT.NYC | $104.15

Thank you Ricky and all of TAO Group for your frequent hospitality.

Alan Mruvka | $1,038.73


Looking forward to having many good times in the future!

Sonny | $10,384.53

Hang in there, the party will return soon... (and it will be one hell of a party!). Be safe


Hope we all get through this soon!

The A List | $1,000

Lloyd | $156.07

Mike and Karen Crovetti | $2,596.37

The Crovetti's miss the Tao group gang!

Bella Watson

Tonight's amazing livestream really lifted my spirits after a bad day. I can always count on everyone at Tao to bring the fun back into life. ❀️

Mamacita Fitness | $52.23

TAO is always a good time! Thanks for the memories and we'll make more soon!

Frances Pastuszka

Thanks for making Mondays lit!

Bhart Manwani | $1,038.73

Much love to the Tao family

Dj Fashen | $26.27

It's hard out here for a Dj right now, but I love my Tao Group family. Happy to give something.. xo


Another one for my TAO Fam

exclibur | $104.15

Lesley Beleny Broglia | $10.70

Sending love ❀️ to the whole Tepperberg family!!Good job πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™πŸ»

Nick Rockwell | $104.15

Love you guys!

Lesley Beleny Broglia | $104.15

DJ Vice | $1,038.73

Dlux Take a shot!!

Dina Sahim | $200

For my family - Mike Snedegar, Pedram Niazmand, Jonathan Schwartz & John Wade. Love you guys

Carlo Cisco | $259.92

My thoughts go out to the staff that has delivered exceptional experiences across the country. Cannot wait for the venues to reopen!

Vijay | $311.84

Stay strong guys!

Phil Lagana | $104.15

Cheryl Volpe | $10.70

Asahi Beer | $415.68

Stay Strong, We love you ALL! Here's the next Kampai.

Robert Santella | $259.92

Stay strong Tao Team - the end is almost here. You're loyal customers will return!



Hi Paul, best regards from germany and thank you for the great times at ultra.

Johnathan Hornig | $26.27

We believe in & support you all!!

Jamison Ernest | $100