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Bella Watson

Livestreams are easily the best part of Mondays right now.



roger semaan | $514.18

Thank You for always being there for us - Team Rayel

Anonymous | $257.25

MWWPR | $257.25

Alexandra | $3.39

The price of my phone and my friends phone that got stolen and is a ring at your restaurant/ club should do 😘

Nathalie | $103.08

Much love to the TAO family from Chris and Nathalie! Xo

David Schnitzer

Love the Schnitzer Brothers

Bella Watson

Benny brought the Saturday vibes! Can't wait for a real Saturday at Tao again. Until then—love partying with the Chicago fam virtually! ❤️

Anonymous | $259.92

Thank you for the bday wishes! we miss you


❤️❤️❤️❤️TAO Nice effort Jake Luv Mom&Dad

Julia F. Baldwin

To the wonderful Tao family❤️

Aaron Reed | $52.23

Happy Birthday Yvonne Najor 🥳🎉

New Park Pizza | $500

Dave Magstadt | $259.92

Happy birthday to the absolute queen, the dancing diva and the sister I always wanted....the one and only Yvonne Najor. Love you so much!!

Cristina Gibson

Happy birthday Yvonne! Love you lots 💖💖

Jose Mangin | $333

Sending positive vibes to the entire crew, who have ALWAYS been beyond amazing over the years.

Blessing | $5,192.42

For Yoshi

Adam Mirels

Happy Birthday Yvonne! 2x party next year.

Lisa Blanz | $156.07

Thank you for everything, lots of great times and there’ll be lots more to come. Stay safe everyone, we look forward to returning!

Jason Serrano | $259.92

Iapetus Holdings, LLC | $5,192.42

Lina Monges | $102.34


Happy birthday Yvonne!! SD to TJ to LA to NYC and beyond!

Bella Watson

Sending love and good vibes to the Tao family. 💕


Happy birthday Yvonne! Sending you all the love and support to your Tao family

Ron S | $104.15

Thank you Jake and Taogroup vegas family!!

Fader Plugs, LLC | $52.23

Louisa Hull | $52.23

From Benny’s Ma and Pops

Crossfit Downtown Miam | $156.07