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David Schnitzer

Love the Schnitzer Brothers

Bella Watson

Benny brought the Saturday vibes! Can't wait for a real Saturday at Tao again. Until then—love partying with the Chicago fam virtually! ❤️

Anonymous | $259.92

Thank you for the bday wishes! we miss you


❤️❤️❤️❤️TAO Nice effort Jake Luv Mom&Dad

Julia F. Baldwin

To the wonderful Tao family❤️

Aaron Reed | $52.23

Happy Birthday Yvonne Najor 🥳🎉

New Park Pizza | $500

Dave Magstadt | $259.92

Happy birthday to the absolute queen, the dancing diva and the sister I always wanted....the one and only Yvonne Najor. Love you so much!!

Cristina Gibson

Happy birthday Yvonne! Love you lots 💖💖

Jose Mangin | $333

Sending positive vibes to the entire crew, who have ALWAYS been beyond amazing over the years.

Blessing | $5,192.42

For Yoshi

Adam Mirels

Happy Birthday Yvonne! 2x party next year.

Lisa Blanz | $156.07

Thank you for everything, lots of great times and there’ll be lots more to come. Stay safe everyone, we look forward to returning!

Jason Serrano | $259.92

Iapetus Holdings, LLC | $5,192.42

Lina Monges | $102.34


Happy birthday Yvonne!! SD to TJ to LA to NYC and beyond!

Bella Watson

Sending love and good vibes to the Tao family. 💕


Happy birthday Yvonne! Sending you all the love and support to your Tao family

Ron S | $104.15

Thank you Jake and Taogroup vegas family!!

Fader Plugs, LLC | $52.23

Louisa Hull | $52.23

From Benny’s Ma and Pops

Crossfit Downtown Miam | $156.07

Jason Liebman | $52.23

Happy bday yvonne!! 🎉🎉

Nicholas Barber | $100

Christine Schott | $104.15

Kerry & Clay

All the best to the TAO family. Stay strong. Stay safe.


Love my TAO FAM

Chris | $259.92

Very sorry for your circumstances. Hang tough and stay strong, and thank you for great service always. Look forward to your reopening.

Kevin Oakes

Much love from kevin Essex house miss you guys