Donor Wall (655)

DJ Vice | $514.18

TAO Cares in a big way!

Mark Goldstein | $103.08

Happy healthy Goldberg—Much love homey.

M | $103.08

One of the best groups to do it! Love you @terp67

Brian Wraith | $100

Andrew Goldberg worked hard for this donation.

Verona Music | $26

Little change for the TAO Chicago Fam

Val Taubner | $1,028.06

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

Mongoooo | $500

For the FAMILY

S K | $4,316.86

Goldberg Happy Birthday

Andrew Hersh | $51.70


Jericho Marie | $77.39


Sugarcohen ..... | $185.30

I think I saw Fez from that 70s show

Purple | $103.08

I love u guys

Alma | $150

Happy Birthday AG! We love you ......To all the Tao group team! Thank you

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Ross Zapin | $257.25

Happy bday Andrew. How r ya Noah & Jason Hope u and yours healthy and safe

Nick Rutherford | $257.25

Glad to be a part of the Tao Family! #TaoCares.

Jamie | $205.86

Thanks for all you do @Taogroup

Harlan | $51.70

Kristina | $51.70

To the best hospitality group in NY & LV, thanks for everything you do. Stay safe !

Jermey | $51.70

Thank you Tao family in Las Vegas! Jake and team thanks for the memories!

Charles Lerner | $22.92

Rich Fleming your daughters inspire me

Michelle Madonna | $50

Yuly Lyandres | $257.25

From Inner Circle. Joe we miss you. Hope everyone is well and hope to see you all soon.

Meyer Orbach | $1,500

Natural Beauty Boutique Skin Creams Lip Balms Hand Made in Russia by Ekaterina NBB. Fast Shipping Moscow to NYC. | $103.08

Happy Birthday Andrew and Noah. Special thanks Rich Thomas for making my career so successful.Hello DJ Reach. Save the promoters. Light at the end of the Tunnel.

Scott Hannigan

TAO always has the best hospitality! I wanted to make sure that I gave back for all of the memories you helped me create. Stay Strong love you guys!


Always @taostrong the best hospitality posted some more love for you guys to spread the word on my ig: @martin.d.kenny

Helen Reavey

Amazing! Please help support this cause for these incredible restaurants and the Tao family.

Lex | $103.08

Thank you Marquee Mondays for a great set!! See you soon Vegas! Thanks Jake and Tao family

Dan Affe | $1,028.06

See you on the other side of this