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Nicholas | $1,028.06

Danijela Tomic | $51.70

Love my Tao Family 4 Life! So proud of you Vincent, always there for your Team. Thank you for everything! x

Wendy Starland | $200

Doug Imbruce | $103.08

Yvonne de derby

alanwalker9541 Sato

Dash Berlin is so amazing every day. So I donate to this fund for helping Tao group. Thank you so much Daily Dash Berlin, Love from Japan.

Anela Iokia | $177.08

Favorite Tao cocktail: Espresso martinis. In honor of Pavan, Ashfin, David, Tika, Charlene, Greg & Woolves. Mahalo & cheers to good memories made & more to be made in the future🥂♥️ $19/ea + tax + 20% to server/bartender.

Bella Watson

Love and miss the Tao fam. Can’t wait to party together again soon! 💗

James Lin | $1,028.06

Wishing the entire team good health and spirit! Looking forward to when folks can resume enjoying your venues and amazing hospitality and care.

Nick | $50

On behalf of @Yvonne Najor’s bday last week! 💯💯💯🚫🧢


Great cause- happy to help during this difficult time. Tao always shows best hospitality whenever my friends and I come through!

Anonymous | $257.25

Yes this is Gary Pine and I Love you guys the Krew of Marquee N.Y.Stay Strong Jah Blessings be with you. You guys give I Great treatment. You are the Love Generation. Jah Live

Jeff | $51.70

We're all in this together! Thanks Rob Chiti for making me aware!

Marissa Barth | $103.08

SL Home Fashions | $20,555.29

Much Love to the Tao Family! Happy Birthday AG!

Evan Kaye | $103.08

Mat Fly Philly | $514.18

Bella Watson

Happy birthday to Phil and Andrew! Great party tonight! 🎉🎂

Jonny Movtady | $100

TAO =🔝

Aj | $26

Thanks for the invite Jake and Tao group vegas!!

Erik | $26

Thank you TAO LV team & Jake!!

Jessica Pilotti | $103.08

Happiest of birthdays to you, Andrew! Thanks for always making us feel so special:) We love you, Jessica Pilotti and Jerrell

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Location3 Media | $308.63

Happy Birthday! Andrew Goldberg Jason Prussian Dori Prussian

DJ Vice | $514.18

TAO Cares in a big way!

Mark Goldstein | $103.08

Happy healthy Goldberg—Much love homey.

M | $103.08

One of the best groups to do it! Love you @terp67

Brian Wraith | $100

Andrew Goldberg worked hard for this donation.

Verona Music | $26

Little change for the TAO Chicago Fam

Val Taubner | $1,028.06

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

Mongoooo | $500

For the FAMILY