Donor Wall (648)

Matt Ciociolo | $1,000

Everyone at TAO Los Angeles have taken care of me and my friends for so long and make us feel special every time out! I am happy to donate during this time and pay my gratitude towards these great group of people that make nights so special for all of us. We look forward to seeing you all back again soon!

Diane Lempert | $187.23

Thank you for always taking such amazing care of me and my family

Fran Gillespie | $104.15

Please everyone keep well,and, hopefully you will be back on the job soon. God Bless.

Adam Alpert | $100

Tao Group = Family

Chris Hall | $104.15

Wishing everyone at Tao the best. You guys make going out so special and I know we’ll all get through this together

Vitamin M

Zach N

Thank you to the TAO Chicago for allowing me to be a part of the family for over a year and a half. I am thinking about each and everyone of you during these difficult times. I can't wait to come back and celebrate with you all soon.


Thank you for always taking care of me- I’m glad I could show a little appreciation back. Take care, Tao team. Can’t wait for you to be back up and running.

Dan N | $104.15

Love you all! We'll get though this together and come back stronger than before!!

Sheri Singh | $156.07

Looking forward to your re-opening!


Not much but from the heart!

Susan Miller

We are stronger together. ❤️

Sydney Penberthy | $26.27


Jason Cartagena | $104.15

Hope everyone in the Tao family is staying healthy and safe in these difficult times. Can’t wait till this is all over and see y’all in the near future.

Karim Ouazzani | $200

Happy to be part of this family ! Hopefully back soon. And stronger 💪🏼♥️

CONSTANCE | $519.52

We will be there on the other side!

Lucas Brockner

Brett Epstein | $500

Sending the entire Tao group my best wishes during this difficult time. We'll get through this together and be even stronger than before!


Jose | $104.15

hana rukaj | $250


Joshua James | $104.15

Stay safe and healthy everyone. We will get to the other side.

Heidi Vanderlaan | $104.15

Happy to support an amazing group of people and restaurants! I can't wait for us all to get through this and come out the other side stronger. Thanks for sharing Adam❤

Calvin Xu

Stay strong Tao Group Fam! I am looking forward to the day when things open back up bigger and better than ever before!

David Cohen

To my Tao Family- You have always been my family. And when I see the leadership donate like they have ( and god only knows who that 500k is but I am pretty sure I know who) you are the best people I have ever worked for and with in my life. Your staff and family are very fortunate to work for the best. Janet and I love each and every one of you and can not wait to get back to normal. I know this, Tao Group and its partners are going to throw down the biggest, most bad ass party in the world VERY SOON. Stay strong.

Amy Landsman

CJS Global | $2,500

Wishing Tommy G and the whole TAO family much success in the very near future. I have enjoyed your venues in NYC for years prior to doing business with you. Your the best in the business.

Elio Chedrawi | $259.92

The best is yet to come!

Adam Gold | $50

Cheers to some of the best hospitality operators and employees in the country - God bless