Donor Wall (655)

Cynthia Becher

In honor of the wonderful Tao Family.

Alex Driggers

You guys are a first class organization with first class leadership and employees. Happy to contribute to such a great cause!

Virtusa | $3,115.58

From Kris and your friends at Virtusa!

Robert Agresta | $104.15

Matthew Marco | $104.15

Wishing the entire team a safe and joyous holiday season. Can’t wait to see you all in person soon xoxo

Nina | $52.23

Thank you for putting this together! So excited to sponsor a meal kit!

greg myers | $104.15

On Behalf of the TAO Risk Management Team for all the great associates

Vernon Scott | $10

Looking forward to building a friendship with Tao Downtown NYC. Vernon Scott Joyce Theater

Jean-Lionel | $100

I wish you health, joy, and prosperity! You guys are awesome!

gabby teitel

xo, gabby !!

MJ Carlson | $500

Sending Good Vibes! <3

Maril L | $51.70

We have created to connect healthcare workers with volunteer teachers to play and teach their kids.

PWI Construction, Inc | $2,000

From all of us at PWI Construction, we’re wishing you a safe and strong return to full operations.

Natalie Makenna

Love my TAO family!

Ed | $1,000

Thank you Tom Gillespie and Chef Chris Santos for working hard for your team.

Sandy | $10.59

May your hearts and hands be blessed to continue your good work until, and beyond, the end of this trying time πŸ™πŸ’œ

Keira Martinez | $26

I can't afford to donate much, but something is better than nothing. Thank you for doing this.

The Grindhouse Radio, Inc. | $257.25

The Grindhouse Radio loves you all!

Eddie Collazo | $100

Keep your heads up. Hopefully this will be over soon. Can't wait to have a couple of drinks at Beauty, Magic Hour, Vandal, and PhD!!!! STAY SAFE GUYS!!!!!

Reece | $10

Franchetti Family

Craig | $257.25

Christopher | $103.08

Miss the Asian Bistro. See you soon. #VegasStronger

RNs on the frontline& the woekwrs that help us all!!!! | $51.70

STL frontline hospital RNs & workers and the happy belated birthday message that didn't make it to the wall on her birthday. OopsπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ Happy belated @goodjillhunting Jill Pham!!!! Xoxo from the Midwest gals

Bella Watson

So glad that Tao Chicago is back serving food again (at a distance), but can't wait until the club reopens too!

Chase Rapp | $1,028.06

Melvin Fowler | $51.70

Love My Tao Group Family

Chase Rapp | $1,028.06

Tao Group | $51.70

Love My Tao Group Family

Arcel Derosena | $26

I'm looking forward to all of Tao Group to be back on its feet again!