Donor Wall (637)

Reece | $10

Franchetti Family

Craig | $257.25

Christopher | $103.08

Miss the Asian Bistro. See you soon. #VegasStronger

RNs on the frontline& the woekwrs that help us all!!!! | $51.70

STL frontline hospital RNs & workers and the happy belated birthday message that didn't make it to the wall on her birthday. Oops🙃🙃🙃🙃 Happy belated @goodjillhunting Jill Pham!!!! Xoxo from the Midwest gals

Bella Watson

So glad that Tao Chicago is back serving food again (at a distance), but can't wait until the club reopens too!

Chasen Rapp | $1,028.06

Melvin Fowler | $51.70

Love My Tao Group Family

Chase Rapp | $1,028.06

Tao Group | $51.70

Love My Tao Group Family

Arcel Derosena | $26

I'm looking forward to all of Tao Group to be back on its feet again!

Bill & Kae | $103.08

Eagerly awaiting our new normal in Vegas at Beauty & Essex, Lavo & Tao!!!

Clyde Kopchak | $154.47

Chris Lucenti

Joe Owczarek | $257.25

Cant wait to see everyone again! Stay safe!

William Grant & Sons | $7,500

Wishing the entire Tao Group family health and safety during this time. It is truly admirable how you are all taking care of each other during this difficult period. We look forward to enjoying some of our favorite Hendricks Gin & Milagro Tequila cocktails with you all soon!

Jon MacIntyre | $20

Bryan Bance

Happy Birthday, BGlauser!

KEY Production Group | $5

For Jenn Tang

Nick | $103.08

Kimberly Groen

Happy birthday Brett!!!

Dimitri Roche

Sam kornblum

Happy birthday Brett, great job organizing this!

Jack Bryan | $257.25

Megan & Taylor | $10.59

Happy Birthday Brett!

Anonymous | $10.59

Eden Goldberg

Jericho | $10.59

Great cause! Great restaurant!

Martha Alfaro

Happy Cumple, Brett!!! 😘🎂🥳

Julie Kim | $103.08

Miss my Tao family! This company has done so much for me and I will always be forever grateful :-) I love Tao group!