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Rick Shore | £10

Well done, keep the podcasts going.

Scott English | A$18

You pay a lot for coffee

Tom Hodge | £10

I have enjoyed your show for over a decade. Keep up the great work of keeping us informed. Thank you Chris, Kat, Dave, and all the new contributors!

David | £400

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Please keep TNS free internationally. This Australian appreciates your dedication to rational and critically thought out investigations into current science news.

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Thanks for weeking brain injection - keep upo the excellent work!

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Keep up the great work. You are always a pleasure to tune in to


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Critical thinking is at the core of our human understanding. TNS promotes scientific critical thinking at every turn. Kudos.

Jamie Gledhill

I love the work you all do and I hope you can keep it going for many more years to come.

chris | £20

Dr Chris (and crew) - you fold are fabulous