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Richard Clarke | £10

You guys do such an awesome job! I really enjoy listening to your podcasts as I run or drive. Keep it up!

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Ben | 25 €

perfect companion on my train commute #ilovethenakedscientists

David Furniss | £20

Bulent | A$18

Love your work guys - My kids tell all their friends at school about things they learn from your podcasts. I know its a bit late but #ilovethenakedscientist

Ketan Shah | £10

Daniel Hawes

Keep up the good work. #ilovethenakedscientists

Jonathan Ennever | A$18

Keep up the great work #ilovethenakedscientists

Neil | £100

Been listening for many years, and always a pleasure. Thanks for creating such great shows! #ilovethenakedscientists

Kerry | £20

Megan | £5

Been listening for about a year now, look forward to it every week. Keep up the good work! #ilovethenakedscientists

Gary | $20

Fantastic work, all. Always look forward to each new episode. #ilovethenakedscientists

Raoul | £5

Love the podcast. Keep it going. #ilovethenakedscientist

Orla Flynn

Richard | $50

Best science show out there.

Mark | £5

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Mike Smith | £10

Fantastic podcast, always relevant, interesting and delivered by enthusiasts who know what they are talking about - keep up the great work guys! #ilovethenakedscientists

Eric | £10

John Wilson

Still listening after all these years.

Andrew | £20

Koji | $25

Thanks for the great podcast!

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Ruben | £5

Nic Densley | £10

#Ilovethenakedscientists Keep up the excellent work, I hope that in the future when my 5 yr old boy is old enough to understand the show he will love it just like I do.

Verena | 15 €

#Ilovethenakedscientists for so many reasons including sparking my interest in various fields, keeping it always informative and enjoyable to listen to and little fun examples like your association with lasers is playing with your cat =^.^=.