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Thank you Chris and the whole team for a fantastic program. Always interesting and one of my few compulsory listening shows every episode!

Warren Foxley

Phitsinee Thipubon | £5

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I've been listening for years... glad to contribute

Dirk | £20

My favourite podcast


David | £10

Thanks for carrying me up the stairmaster

David | £20

Thanks for making my cycling commute to work so enjoyable.

Francis | £5

Who knew science podcasts could be so much fun!

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Keep up the great work

Peter | £100

Thank you for making my dog walks so interesting. My two old boys are not up to much action on the walk so all they want to sniff the gossip of the neighbourhood.

Maria | 10 €

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The best science podcast there is (bar none). Keep up the great work and all the best with your fundraising.

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I've been listening for years... glad to contribute

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Keep up the good work!

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Thank you so much for all the learning and fun

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You guys do such an awesome job! I really enjoy listening to your podcasts as I run or drive. Keep it up!

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Kristian Nikolaidis | A$50

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Ben | 25 €

perfect companion on my train commute #ilovethenakedscientists

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Love your work guys - My kids tell all their friends at school about things they learn from your podcasts. I know its a bit late but #ilovethenakedscientist

Ketan Shah | £10

Daniel Hawes

Keep up the good work. #ilovethenakedscientists

Jonathan Ennever | A$18

Keep up the great work #ilovethenakedscientists